Archive Storage Liverpool & Wirral

Secure Storage Services offers you an archiving storage service for your Liverpool or Wirral business. The Wirral and Liverpool plays host to many small and large businesses requiring archiving storage, and we feel we cater to an important need in the local area. Why? Because many Liverpool and Wirral businesses are required to archive important documents for legal purposes.

Unfortunately, if you choose to archive documents at your own premises, it's usually a relatively expensive and insecure option. Paper documents requiring arching are usually space consuming and heavy. Before you know it, entire sectors of your premises will be consumed by archive boxes. The truth is, you probably cannot afford to waste valuable office space for the purpose of storing paper documents.

A cheaper and more secure option

Fortunately, offsite archive storage is probably your cheapest and most secure option, particularly if have a high turnover of paper documents that must be archived for legal reasons. Many of our current clients fall into this category. This generally includes accountants, solicitors, governmental organisations, charities, educational providers and more.

If you require offsite archive storage, know you can expect to save around 40% when compared to the costs associated with onsite storage. Furthermore, our prices are very competitive when compared to other national and local storage providers. To discover how much you can expect to pay for offsite storage with Secure Storage Services, contact us today for a free quote on 0151 293 4000.

At Secure Storage Services, no archive storage job is too big or too small. We can cater to your needs whether you wish to archive 20,000 boxes or just 10. When you contact Secure Storage Services, we cater to your exact needs. We also endeavour to quote you the lowest possible price for all your archive storage needs.

Why choose Secure Storage?

Secure Storage Services has operated in professional archive storage space for more than 20 years. Over the last two decades, we've built up a stellar and unrivalled reputation for offering ultra secure document archiving at the very best prices. We've also heavily invested in our storage premises. We provide your documents with 24/7 security coverage. This includes vetted security guards and round-the-clock CCTV protection.

We also employ a gifted team of archiving professionals. These professionals have studied the art and science of document archiving to Master's degree level. This ensures we offer you the latest and greatest document archiving methods. This ensures your documents are ultra secure and safe. We also help you devise a suitable document destruction schedule. The allows us to destroy archived documents on your behalf and according to an agreed schedule.

Why is it important to put in place a document destruction policy? Because this ensures you do not hold documents for a period that's greater than necessary. This allows you to mitigate costs associated with documents you merely archive for legal purposes.

Document retrieval and access

When you require speedy document retrieval, you really cannot beat the service we offer. You are able to access your archived documents 24/7. You or your representative may attend our premises in order to access your documents whenever you please. We also do not charge you a retrieval fee. This contrasts with many other archive storage providers operating in the North West of England who require you to pay a fee in order to access your own paperwork.

Contact us today

For more information and a free quote, contact us today on 0151 293 4000. Alternatively, contact us through this website via our online contact form. When you contact us, we shall provide you with more information concerning our competitively priced archive storage service in Wirral and Liverpool. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.