Document Storage Services

Business and legislation requirements demand documentation retention for significant periods of time. This is a continuing headache encountered by most businesses. At Secure Storage Services, our aim is to minimise the problem for you. We offer a highly professional archive management service that can be tailored to suit individual company needs.

Conveniently located in the centres of Liverpool and the Wirral, Secure Storage Services offer a comprehensive document management service to free up your costly office space, ease the burden of document storage and provide security and peace of mind. Client confidentially is guaranteed and all archive materials are stored in secure premises protected against fire, theft and in compliance with government legislation.

Whether your archive requirements are small or large we can accommodate your document management needs; offering secure, easily accessible document storage solutions for all your important files.

What is Document Storage?

In this situation, we define document storage as offsite document storage services. During this process, we arrange your documents into archived document boxes. We then transport your documents to our ultra-secure facility that's purpose-built for document storage purposes.

Document boxes will be shelved in accordance with a strict document filing system which allows for swift document retrieval. This strict filing system allows you to retrieve documents within half a day upon request. When you request retrieval, we scan your documents and send them to you electronically.

Who is Document Storage For?

Document storage is suitable for all businesses who are looking to store historic documents for legal, security or practical purposes. The majority of UK businesses must store documents for six years. This means documents have the potential to clutter up expensive office space. When you store documents offsite with Secure Storage Services, you are still able to retrieve documents quickly, but you will avoid documents cluttering up your office or exposing documents to the risk of fire and theft.

What are the Benefits of Offsite Document Storage?

Below, we outline the various benefits of investing in offsite document storage services.

  • You free up expensive office space and declutter your workspace: You may then utilise office space for other and more important business tasks.
  • Speedy document retrieval: Our advanced document management systems enable you to have quick access to your documents as and when they are needed.
  • Document storage is highly secure: When you choose to store important document on-site, you put sensitive information at risk of fire and theft. By choosing to secure documents offsite, you attain better document security because our document storage facility is highly secure.
  • Secure document destruction: we also offer a document shredding service. Documents we store on your behalf will be destroyed in line with an agreed document retention policy. This ensures documents are correctly and safely disposed of when no longer needed.

How Much Does Document Storage Cost?

Secure Storage Services is upfront about the cost of document storage. The quote we supply is 100% inclusive of all costs. This means you will not be faced with hidden costs in any form whatsoever.

The cost of document storage services will vary depending upon the volume of documents you wish to store. This is because documents take up physical space, and thus you should expect to pay more in proportion to the volume of documents you wish to store. The cost of document storage will also rise if you require digital scanning. This is because we must employ staff to undertake the scanning process.

We also charge for document retrieval. This means the cost of document storage services will also rise if you frequently request the retrieval of specific documents.

What are Document Storage Best Practices?

When you choose Secure Storage Services for your offsite document storage needs, we take care of document management best practices on your behalf. These best practices include:

  • Setting document goals according to key metrics: We help you articulate your document storage goals and help you achieve these goals. For instance, you may wish to free up office space and help your staff speed up the document retrieval process. You may also wish to reduce document storage costs. By articulating these goals, you are much more likely to benefit from offsite document storage
  • Helping you automate business processes to save time and effort
  • Remaining within GDPR regulations in a cost-effective manner
  • Improving your overall document retention policy
  • Providing staff training to ensure this policy is met and to ensure business efficiency is improved

What are my Document Storage Legal Requirements?

Generally, most businesses are required to retain documents for a minimum of six years. This time frame will vary depending upon the industry in which you operate. For instance, solicitors and accountants must retain documents for periods greater than six years. When you invest in our offsite document storage services, our advisor will help you to devise a document retention policy that ensures you fulfil your industry-specific legal requirements when it comes to document storage.

Tailored Managed Archive Service

Once any confidential files have been committed to document storage, we offer a complete and secure records management service, which can be tailored to your specific needs:

  • Collection of boxes for document storage
  • Secure access via E-mail or by person, tell us how you retrieve your documents and we’ll match it!
  • Confidentially guaranteed
  • Business document storage
  • Pack and reference your documents and data yourself or have it done for you
  • Later retrieval and delivery of individual boxes or files
  • Confidential shredding of all data when time has expired

We are the one-for-all document management service, dealing with your documents from initial storage, retrieval, scanning to confidential destruction.

Other Services We Offer

As well as offering document storage services we can also help with other document management requirements such as our scanning services which involves bulk document scanning all your important documents at our secure facility, by doing this you will be saving precious in house resources resulting which can provide great cost savings for your business.

Along with our document storage and scanning services, we offer a shredding service that involves getting rid of all your unwanted paperwork in a safe manner so that confidential information can remain secured.

Are you ISO Accredited?

We hold up-to-date ISO accreditations in Environmental (ISO 1400:2015), H&S (ISO 45001:2018) and Quality (ISO 19001:2015) meaning that our document storage services are fully in-line with the latest international standards.

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