Document Storage Education Institutions

In educational environments, it is extremely important that student information is safeguarded and kept in a secure location. Document storage in schools can be difficult to safely manage and keep large volumes of personal information in line with regulations.

A solution that is gaining popularity across schools and universities is off-site document storage, which is a service that we provide at Secure Storage. By storing documents in a secure facility which is specifically designed to preserve documents, schools and universities can be assured that private documents are safeguarded and protected in a protected facility. Using an offsite document storage facility also has the added benefit of freeing up valuable space across schools or college and university campuses.

Here at Secure Storage, we can help you. Across the North West of England we store business and educational documents for thousands of educational facilities who are in need of a trustworthy storage solution to hold private documents. Our educational document storage services are affordable and allow you to abide by child safeguarding laws and regulations.


Document Storage for Schools

It is important that personal information about school pupils, students in college and university settings and staff are kept confidential and are stored, managed, and disposed of appropriately.

Information that is held in educational settings include:

  • Student records, including name, number, and home address
  • Student test results, grades, and reports
  • Staff records
  • Student and staff medical records

We have an excellent student record management system which keeps your files neatly secured and easily retrievable if needed. No matter the type of file, we are able to store it for you. Professional document storage for schools, colleges and universities is necessary to stay in line with UK laws and guidance regarding student information, which is what we are here to help with.


What is the Legal Requirement for Retaining School Records?

The Retention Guidelines for Schools (RGS) outlines the number of years that personal records of pupils need to be retained for. Secondary school information is required to be stored for 25 years after the student’s birth date and other files such as attendance registers need to be held for 3 years after the date of registration.

There is extensive information which is legally required to be safely secured which is why it is so important to have a trustworthy storage solution for the thousands of documents which need to be stored.

Here at Secure Storage, we ensure that educational documents are kept secure through our student record management system. We follow the guidelines which are set out by the RGS and keep in line with the Data Protection Act (1998), as well as the Freedom of Information Act (2000). The safety of these documents is vital to us which is why our document storage services are extensive and trustworthy.


Benefits of Offsite Document Storage for Schools

For schools and universities, one of the most important things to manage is student safety. This is especially true in the case of personal records which need to be retained for a number of years in line with RGS regulations.

Information such as names and addresses, assessment records and phone numbers are kept as part of these documents, which is why it is vital to keep them kept secure.

Using an offsite document storage service can save you time and money by allowing you to retrieve documents quickly and easily when needed. Using offsite storage for schools is also beneficial for multiple schools and universities which often have limited space to keep records safely and securely.

Offsite document storage can offer a convenient solution to the common problem of limited space and resources in schools. Personal records are held in a safe facility which are monitored and easily accessible for you.


Affordable Solutions for Document Storage

As thousands of university, college and school students pass through the education system every year, it is extremely important to stay on top of their personal records and maintain safe storage of files for years after they have left.

Doing this on campus may not be the most cost-effective solution and can lead to a lot of time being spent on filing and management of thousands of documents.

This is what Secure Storage are available to help you with. We safely store hundreds of personal files and documents to maintain student and staff security. We provide safe and trustworthy storage for schools and help you to uphold good safeguarding practices.


Retrieval of Stored Files

Depending on the type of storage that you require, you can easily access any files that you need to see. We have a number of ways for you to access any school documents that you need, including online resources and digital files.

You can opt to have your documents scanned which can later be accessed online or held on a memory stick for your own disposal.

If you require the original physical copy of any school or university document, we can quickly locate it within our facility and return it to you as soon as possible.


Document Safety Measures

All school and personal files that we hold at Secure Storage are kept extremely safe. Our facility has multiple security measures in place to ensure that our stored files are secure and protected.

We have an advanced CCTV system installed across our facility to guarantee the security of the files we store. Our building is also built with data protection in mind, which is why we have flood and fire defence systems in place to keep your documents safe.

As well as our facility’s exterior safety measures, we also ensure that our staff are all CRB checked and can maintain the security of our documents. We also have high-quality burglar and fire alarms installed across our facility.


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Our off site document storage is a fantastic solution to help you manage large volumes of private and confidential documents for as many years as is legally required.