Scan on Demand, Wirral & Liverpool

Secure Storage Services Ltd offers ‘scan on demand’ services in the Wirral and Liverpool area. This service includes secure off-site storage of paper documents.

Scan on demand represents the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly form of document retrieval to date. Digitalising all of your documents can be expensive whilst pure paper-based retrieval can be slow. Scan on demand gives you the best of both worlds: secure off-site storage that frees up precious office space whilst giving you access to specific documents in electric form as and when you need them.

The benefits of scan on demand

Scan on demand offers speedy retrieval within as little as sixty minutes after we receive your document request. Scan on demand means we do not need to convert all of your documents into a digital format. We only digitalise documents for the purpose of retrieval. Scan on demand allows you to access non-digitalised documents in as little as sixty minutes after sending your request to us.

Scan on demand is available for both paper documents and microfilm. Scan on demand ensures you do not pay for needless digitalisation for unimportant documents and thus allows you to tap into your vast document repository without high upfront costs. Above all, scanning on demand affords you fast access to important business documents exactly when you need them.

How Scan on Demand Works

  1. We collect your documents
  2. We safely store away your documents in our secure facility
  3. When you need access to a document we scan and send you a copy 


We store your documents at our Wirral or Liverpool facility. Paper documents are archived using a state-of-the-art ordering system that affords their speedy retrieval.

When you require access to specific documents you tell us and we scan the documents into our system and send them to you electronically. You either phone or email us with your request for documentation and our staff take care of the rest.

We electronically scan the documents you requested into our system and then deliver them to your desktop via email or our bespoke cloud-based system. A secure FTP server is used during this process ensuring privacy is taken care of.

Scan on demand significantly cuts down on the amount of time required to retrieve an archived document and also reduces the cost-per-retrieval when compared to traditional courier-based retrieval. Once scanned, your paper document is returned to its safe and secure home in our archiving facility.

Efficient Retrieval

In many cases, you will be storing away documents for a period of years and will never need to retrieve 99% of the documents you are required to store by law.

It is not an efficient use of time to make a digital copy of every record as they may not be needed or could soon be redundant.

We safely store your documents until they are needed. Once you are no longer required to keep documents we can safely shred these on your behalf at our facility. It may be the case you want us to scan and then shred certain documents, you have total control over what is digitalised and not.


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