Storing, scanning and shredding you to a paperless office.
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Document Scanning

The Document Scanning Process

Step 1 - Collection

Your documents are collected by our security vetted staff and taken away in our marked vans

Step 2- Preparation

We remove any paperclips, post-it notes and anything else that can get in the way of the scanning. We then straighten all the paperwork for efficient scanning.

Step 3- Scanning

Using the very latest in scanning technology, we will scan your documents and digitise your paperwork.

Step 4- Quality check

Our security vetter staff will inspect the scanned files to ensure the highest standards have been met.

Step 5- Digital storage

You scanned files are then transferred onto DVDs or your chosen method of storage.

Step 6- Delivery

Your files will then be hand delivered back to your place of business in an easy to manage digital format.

Step 7- Disposal

Finally, choose what you want us to do with the paper documents. We can put them into our document storage facility, shred them or return them to you.

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