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Scanning Documents

Most modern companies have moved on from the days of filing cabinets stacked full of paper records. Not only does it cost money to store all this information it is unsafe, hard to organise and takes up valuable space.

Trust Secure Storage Services to guide you into the world of digital archiving. Whether you are looking to outsource all your scanning and retrieval requirements or implement a hard-copy storage and scan-on-demand service, Secure Storage Services have the expertise to provide a cost-effective solution to your digital archiving needs.

Using the latest Canon scanner technology coupled with comprehensive quality checks you can be sure that Secure Storage Services provides a secure and reliable document scanning service for your digital conversion needs.


Why choose document Scanning?

Axe Your Filing Space

Whatever documents you have to scan, from project files, invoices to purchase orders and correspondence, we can recommend the best way to do it and finish the job quickly, to a high quality and at a low cost.

On average it is possible to store 2-3 filing cabinets of information on one CD-ROM thereby saving thousands of pounds per year on document storage space as well as releasing the potential earning power of the area saved.


Data Backup

Cost of scanning is easily justified when considering the cost of losing critical information, whether the threat is fire, water, loss or general deterioration.

Risk Management & Loss of Information

Most companies have regular tape backups of their electronic data but what about backups of all your paperwork? A recent report indicated that companies which suffered a total loss due to fire, etc of their documentation went out of business within 12 months. Document scanning and archival enables you to have multiple copies of your documents on and off-site.

Degradation of Quality

Information is constantly degrading, through constant use and general ageing. Documents, drawings, and micro-formats become torn, faded and possibly brittle. Scanning the information will capture the image and the scan will not degrade.


Why Invest In Digital Document Storage?

Document scanning also allows you to rid yourself of bulky hard copy documents. Digitalising documents via document scanning allows you to save money and free up space. You also speed up the document retrieval process.

Secure Storage Services offers an affordable document digitalisation service as part of our core document scanning offerings. Here, we make use of modern document scanning equipment. This allows us to convert your paper documents into easily retrievable digital equivalents. You may then access these files in seconds, rather than hours or even days.

During the digital document scanning process, we make use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. This allows us to pull data from paper documents without human involvements. Your documents will then be indexed according to pre-agreed rules. This allows for speedy and accurate retrieval of electronic documents.

Having digital files as a document management solution could save valuable office space and reduce the risk of potential safety issues and fire hazards.

We can also provide large format scanning for larger documents such as photos or building layouts. Come and see us at our state of the art storage facility to find out why we are the right document scanning company for you.


What Is Scan On Demand?

Scan on demand is a type of ‘pay as you go’ service. Initially, we scan all of your paper documents at our custom build facility. If you request access to these documents, we will convert the documents you request ‘on demand’. The documents you require are typically converted into a digital version. This saves costs, because it avoids the cost of having to scan all paper documents that may never be needed.

Thus, scan on demand allows you to access all of the benefits of ‘going paperless’, but without the associated cost. All of your documents are stored offsite, but you are still able to access document in a digital format as and when documents must be viewed.


What Is Bulk Scanning?

Another option is to invest in bulk scanning. This is when we scan all of your paper documents at once. This task is costly compared to scan on demand, but it will speed up the retrieval process, particularly when documents must be retrieved in real-time. One advantage of bulk scanning is that you may destroy paper documents once they are all scanned into the system. This thus eliminates the costs associated with paper document storage.

During bulk scanning, we collect paper documents from your business. Your documents will then be transferred to our document scanning facility. A team of workers will then go about scanning your documents into a digital format.

Whether you are trying to protect scanned images or important invoices our highly secured facility will keep everything as safe and secure as possible until you are ready to collect your documents.


What Is Day Forward Scanning?

Day forward scanning is when you select a ‘launch date’ for document scanning. Documents created before this date will not be subject to document scanning, whilst documents created after this date will. This approach will save you money compared to bulk scanning explained above. This also allows you to better keep on top of document management going forward.

Following your launch date, Secure Storage Services will then endeavour to collect your paper documents from your business on a regular basis. In time, the vast majority of documents will be digitalised. Within around 6-10 years, the vast majority of documents will be digitalised. This avoids the high cost of having to digitalise all your documents all at once.


Scanning Medical Records

In a medical setting, retrieval of documents could be the difference between life and death. That’s why we offer a specialist document scanning services for our medical clients. These clients typically include hospital, GP practices, dentists, and pharmacists. Many of our medical clients require medical records to be digitalised. This allows for speedy retrieval and increased security. Digitalising medical records allows multiple professionals to gain access to comprehensive records in seconds rather than days.

For many years, Secure Storage Services has become the number one provider when it comes to the storage, archiving, indexing and scanning of medical records for hospitals, GP practices, dentists, and pharmacists. The service we offer is affordable, secure and highly dependable.


Scanning Legal Documents

Another important aspect of our work is legal document scanning. Law firms in England and Wales must store documents for many years due to legal requirements in this area. At Secure Storage Services, we assist law firms in this area. We allow law firms to store legal documents according to laws and regulations governing their industry. We also understand that client confidentiality and security are also of paramount importance.


What Is Onsite Scanning?

Onsite document scanning is typically appropriate when you require the digitalisation of highly sensitive information. For these reasons, you may not be willing to allow these documents to be stored offsite.

If so, we are able to accommodate your needs. Before onsite scanning begins, our skilled project managers will work closely with you to ensure documents are scanning quickly, cost-effectively and securely.

Whilst onsite scanning is not as affordable as offsite scanning, you arguably do receive a better level of service, particularly because you will be physically present whilst all of your documents are scanned.

When we carry out onsite document scanning, we bring with us our state-of-the-art scanning equipment. This equipment is capable of scanning over 200 pages per minute. All of our team members are subject to an enhanced DBS check.


Archive Scanning Services

Our specialist team also provides archive scanning services to businesses across the UK. By using this service, you will be able to securely keep your documents offsite and request the information just when you require it.

This ties in nicely with our Scan on Demand service – all documents are scanned and returned within just a few hours. This improves data protection, saves you time, office space and reduces overall costs for your business.


Post Scan Storage & Destruction

Our comprehensive archive storage and secure destruction services can ensure the correct procedures are in place following the digital conversion of your documents.

Secure Storage Services are a well-established company registered in England. If you're interested in a quotation or further information on document scanning services please call now 0151 293 4000 or fill in an enquiry form.


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Is document scanning suited to my business?

  Absolutely, yes! We can provide all the necessary arrangements to work through the backlog of documents you have and need scanning into digital format. On competition of document scanning we can arrange the safe storage of the paper counterparts in one of our storage facilities, alternatively we can arrange the secure and confidential shredding for certified destruction of you documents. If requested the originals can be returned to you.

Do you issue a certificate of destruction?

  We do! Once the documents have been destroyed, we issue a notice of destruction certificate, as mandated by GDPR regulations.

Why choose document scanning?

Your business will have its own specific use case for our document scanning service, but here are some benefits to doing so  
- Quick access to digital records

- Streamline business process

- Data backup / recovery plan

- Reduced costs for storage