Offsite Records Storage

Many businesses concluded that the benefits of outsourcing records to an offsite records storage company is the most effective way to maintain space management. Understandable, seeing that space is not necessarily a commodity that is easy to come by.

Retaining your documents for an extended period is necessary due to legislation requirements. This can become a major issue for medium and small sized businesses over prolonged periods of time. Secure Storage offers a solution. We can keep your documents in our secure facility and once the documents are requested, we scan and send them directly you within half a day.

How does offsite Records storage work?

One might think; ‘why would I outsource my documents?’ Keeping them in-house seems easy indeed. They are easy to access and protected from the outer world. However, there is one massive issue with that. Space management. If you are a small or medium sized business with only a few rooms, where would you leave your documents?  You might have a storage room that takes up 10 m² in your office but storing your documents here is a waste of space and this could be better utilised. Add to that, the time it would take a member of staff to search for a certain document, this time could be put to the benefit of your trade instead.

That’s where we can save you time and money. Once you decide to make use of our secure offsite records storage, our security agents will pick up your documents and transport it after the vetting process. With a service tailored to your needs, we can offer document shredding once records are not needed anymore. Do you need those documents again? Within a few hours you’ll be receiving those via fax or e-mail, straight from our secure offsite records storage.

Reasons to consider offsite storage

There are many reasons why you should consider offsite document storage.

The key benefit of using an offsite storage facility such as the one we offer at Secure Storage Solutions is down to maintaining your duty as a private or public company in following data protection laws put in place by the government.

With the recent GDP regulations coming into effect in 2018, the laws surrounding the way companies store and use customer data has been tightened further with harsher sanctions being inflicted upon any company that is deemed to be in breach of the regulations.

Due to the increased scrutiny surrounding data, a lot more companies are starting to take storage of company data and documents more seriously. This is why offsite storage is a growing offering with many companies deciding to keep their records as safe as possible in a highly secure facility such as the one offered at Secure Storage Solutions.

What Industries Benefit from Offsite Document Storage?

Many industries and businesses benefit from our offsite record storage services. As paperwork builds up, it can occupy entire rooms, and this can have further disruption to your business. Not only do you lose space which could be used to generate more revenue or output, but it can become quite an eyesore and also increase any potential fire risk.

Companies are legally bound to hold paper records for a period of time, and the most cost-efficient way to deal with this paperwork and keep your building free from clutter is to move this paperwork off-site to a secure facility. Businesses who benefit from our services include:

  • Legal Firms
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Government Departments
  • Architectural Companies
  • Engineering Companies
  • Educational Authorities and Universities
  • Energy Companies
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • High Street Retailers
  • E-commerce Organisations

Each one of these businesses can build up a lot of paperwork each week, and over the course of a year, this can become quite a burden. Everything from receipts, invoices, signatures, agreements, and legal documentation needs to be stored away for periods of time.

We can arrange weekly or monthly collections and will categorize all your paperwork at our secure facility for easy retrieval. We also provide scanning services which allow for the paperwork to be scanned and made accessible to you at any point through a PDF emailed to your inbox.

If you prefer an online database of your records, we can also scan your documents and make them available through the Internet making document retrieval much faster than looking through storage drawers in the office.

How much does it cost?

At Secure Storage, we are honest and upfront when it comes to costs and prices. Depending on the volume of the documents you wish to store, we create a quote based on your wishes.  We will take into account digital scanning, If you wish to receive your documents digitally, we will include this in the price specified.

We would be more than happy to discuss and review your archive needs. For a quote or further information on our offsite records storage please call now 0151 293 4000 or fill in our enquiry form.