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Document Shredding For Schools, Colleges and Universities

If you are the data controller at a school, university or college, you will be well aware of your legal responsibilities when it comes to the disposal of confidential documentation. Afterall, it is your reputation is at stake along with your Employer’s if documents fall into the wrong hands. Most schools, colleges, and universities struggle to comply with the Data Protection Act when it comes to discharging their duty to keep information safe. It’s no wonder why because disposing of large volumes of documents is a specialist job. A job requiring specialist staff at bespoke secure facilities using the latest document shredding technology. A setup you’re unlikely to have at your disposal.

Can your support staff really cope with the legal burden to dispose of all the documentation you accumulate throughout the academic year without grumbling? The sheer volume of documents which an institution like yours must dispose of, particularly towards the end of an academic year, is no small task. Reputations are at stake if documents go missing and the need for a specialist document destruction company becomes apparent. You are probably looking to avoid a generalist waste management firm for fear of confidential data slipping into the wrong hands.

A Solution to Your Document Destruction Woes

Here at Secure Storage Services, we are trusted by hundreds of customers who face tough legal requirements each year in securely and efficiently disposing of often hundreds of thousands of documents. Current and past customers include local authorities, NHS trusts, schools, universities and colleges who sought our help for their document disposal problem.

Secure Disposal Facilities You Can Count on

Our secure facilities dispose of your documentation in compliance with the Data Protection Act. Typical documentation which passes through our facilities for destruction include:
  • Past and current records relating to students and staff
  • CCTV recordings
  • Student reports
  • Information of a financial nature
  • Medical records
  • Recruitment documents
  • Examination documents

Where Will My Documentation Be Destroyed?

When you choose to hire Secure Storage Services Ltd you can either opt for onsite document destruction whereby one of our specialist vehicles will travel to your facilities or the documentation can be delivered to our bespoke secure facility for secure shredding.

Offload Your Summer Stresses

Teachers and support staff alike are all too familiar with a headache at the tail end of the academic year due to the obligation to dispose of the thousands of documents accrued. Staff are likely tired from a tough academic year and looking forward to the holidays, so why not avoid the dash to destroy thousands of documents in-house? Large-scale document destruction is a specialist job requiring specialist technologies, not for your staff who are not equipped to undertake the task. Discharging your legal burden under the Data Protection Act is costly, time-consuming and above all painful. Our bespoke facilities can complete the job at a fraction of the time, cost and pain it would take your own staff to complete in-house. Our specialist shredding machines together with our highly trained staff means we can cut the effort to discharge your document disposal obligations at a fraction of the time it would take your staff to complete.

For Piece-of-Mind

You can be assured your documents will be destroyed in a timely and secure manner. All our contracts come with a ‘certificate of destruction’ and full ‘waste transfer notes’. All our staff holds advanced certificates in document archiving and destruction, and all have recent DBS checks.

Waste Cabinets Available For Rent

Our state of the art waste cabinets is available to rent to schools, universities or colleges. Our waste cabinets offer secure storage for all your waste paper needs. Cabinets are to be collected and replaced with an empty upon collection. Cabinets are lockable and available in different colours.

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