Document Storage in Manchester

It's a simple truth that organisations accumulate documents and lots of them. The challenge is to keep these documents secure yet easily accessible at the same time. For the past decade, Secure Storage Services has been helping Manchester businesses, both large and small, store their documents securely, and ensure these businesses meet tough retention schedules imposed upon them by law.

We are confident we are able to assist your Manchester business too. Read on to find out why or contact our sales team on 0151 293 4000.

We collect from Manchester

We regularly collect from our customers in Manchester and safely store away all your essential documents. Having filing cabinets bursting or boxes hoarded in the corridors does not leave a great impression of a business.

We can destroy old documents safely and we also collect with a view to digitising your documents. This option will give you easy access to your information over the cloud and on demand for information you are legally obliged to archive.

The importance of compliance

In this fast-paced world, it's essential that Governmental bodies and private businesses are able to maintain security and remain in compliance with the laws that govern them. For instance, you see in the news almost every day that data has been breached to sources with a criminal intent.

Secure Storage Services allows you to maintain the required security you seek by offering an ultra-secure storage facility for your paper documents in Manchester. This ensures compliance with the law in the way that we store your documents and also how we allow access to those documents for future use.

A fully tailored retention schedule

We allow you to create a tailored retention schedule. This ensures that documents are automatically purged at the end of that schedule. For instance, solicitors and accountant are subject to laws imposing a very strict retention schedule. These businesses must abide by retention schedules varying from three years to 99 years depending upon their area of practice.

So it is critical that these businesses retain these documents within those retention schedules based on the laws set forth by their regulatory bodies. A failure to abide by these laws could result in disbarment or criminal and civil claims being made against their practice.

When you opt for Secure Storage Service's document storage facility, you ensure your document retention schedule matches laws set down by your industry-specific regulatory bodies. When the proper time comes, your documents will be purged. This ensures you are not overpaying when it comes to document storage since there is no logical reason to store these documents for a period that's longer than is absolutely necessary to do so.

Document access

With regards to policing security on documents and records, it's important to have accountability controls in place from an access perspective. Our facilities have the ability to log all activity whether there is a records modification or a document view. In addition, we also have an advanced permission system that can grant or withhold access.

Document scanning in Manchester

Digitalising your stored documents provides cost reduction and enhanced security and compliance. However, one of the challenges you will face is getting this job done within a reasonable timescale.

That's why it makes sense to outsource document scanning to a profession document scanning company such as Secure Storage Services.

We initially scan the documents that are most important to you. We allow you to incrementally get a repository set up slowly. This ensures your scanned documents remain just as compliant and in control as the paper documents this is based on.

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