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Scanning Employee Records

We can scan all of your employee documents and store them in a computerised system. When you require employee information you can easily and quickly retrieve the data. Our scanning services are affordable and when the documents are scanned we can either store them at our facility or destroy them in line with the secure document shredding guidelines. Call us today for more information on 0151 293 4000.

Save Office Space

Your employee documents and hr files can take up physical space. To meet employer law, there are a number of documents and personnel records that all of your employees need to sign in order to legally be employed. This document retention can take up vital office space and having them all in paper form is often a nuisance. At Secure Storage, we can help you save time and money by offering a scanning employee records service with optional paperwork storage. Lack of space in your office? Digitalising your documents and scanning employee records can free up valuable space that could be re-used for more purposeful and lucrative tasks.

scanning employee recordsWhy Should You Go Digital?

There can be few drawbacks when it comes to a physical paper storage system. Safety and security are of the utmost importance to a company and paper documents are generally not safe and not secure. Paper statements, hr records and documents can be prone to loss and damage. In the case of human resources and employee records, there are documents that often contain confidential information that cannot get into the wrong hands. Scanning employee records can add an extra layer of security to your document management system as these documents can be encrypted and access will be limited. The scanning project will be quick and secure.

Access Documents From Anywhere

Mobility and flexibility is becoming more important in modern business. Workplaces can now be anywhere with people often working from home or from another location. Having to transport personnel files back and forth is not an easy task and must be done correctly to keep the documents secure. Scanning documents into a digital format makes it possible to have access from anywhere, providing if you are connected to the internet.

How Does The Transition Work?

If you currently have your documents stored in a storage room, the scanning employee records process could be the perfect transition between a physical storage system and a fully digital storage system. The files can be scanned in bulk by Secure Storage Services, and before you know it, you have all your documents stored digitally.

GDPR Benefits of Scanning Employee Records

Having you documents stored digitally makes GDPR compliance easier. If an employee leaves or requests their data to be permanently deleted it is quick and simple to delete. Compare that with your HR department locating and physically destroying the paper based employee records. GDPR also has strict retention periods that can be automated using a computer based system. Legal advice should be sought to ensure you are complying with GDPR.

Are you planning to move to a digital storage system for your employee records? Why not give us a call today to see how we can help you! Call Secure Storage today on 0151 293 4000, or or use our contact form.

We also scan and store medical records.