Document Storage Runcorn

If you seek a secure document storage and archiving service in Runcorn then look no further. This is because Secure Storage Services Ltd offers a highly secure yet affordable document storage service in Runcorn. This service includes storage, shredding, scanning and ultra-fast document retrieval.

Our courier collects your documents from your premises. This means you do not have to pay for expensive document transfer fees when you choose Secure Storage Services. When your documents arrive at our secure facility, each one will be indexed and archived. Indexation of documents allows our staff to quickly retrieval your documents as soon as you make this request.

The case for offsite storage

Our extensive offsite document storage service is ideal for businesses, charities, and Governmental organisations. Many of our customers store confidential client documents with us due to legal duties imposed upon them by their regulator.

For instance, solicitors and accountant must legally retain client documents for around seven years following the completion of client work. Schools and hospitals must retain documents for a much longer period, and these bodies typically process a high volume of documents making it impractical to store these documents onsite.

Fortunately, you are able to take advantage of our secure document storage services in Runcorn. This service means your documents are stored in an ultra-secure offsite facility. This means you are no longer required to waste precious office space for the purpose of document storage.

And because we utilise a state-of-the-art document indexation system, you are also able to retrieve stored documents within hours rather than days or even weeks.

The case against onsite storage

Choosing to store your documents at your primary place of business is not a wise option for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, office space is expensive in modern-day Britain. You must use your limited space wisely. Nine-time-out-of-ten, this office space is more productively utilised for purposes not related to document storage.

Furthermore, it is unlikely you are qualified to set out a meaningful and efficient document storage system. This means you will likely struggle to locate documents as and when the need for their use becomes apparent.

You can solve all of the above issues by choosing to store your documents offsite at our secure storage facility in Runcorn.

Key benefits of our document storage service in Runcorn

When you choose Secure Storage Services for your document storage needs, our primary concern is the security of your confidential documents. To ensure your documents are secure, our facility is subject to 24/7 CCTV monitoring.

All documents are scanned upon arrival at our facility and then rescanned when documents leave our facility. Furthermore, we vigorously vet our staff members before an offer of employment is made. This includes our staff being subject to frequent enhanced CRB checks. This ensures all of our staff members are of good character.

Here are a few additional benefits you derive when you choose Secure Storage Services for your document storage needs:

  • Free collection of documents from your premises in Runcorn
  • Cleardata archive boxes
  • Barcoding of document boxes
  • Indexation of document boxes
  • Managed destruction dates in line with your professional regulations
  • Shredding service at our Runcorn facility

We employ a fleet of vehicles to collect your documents from your premises. Upon collection, your document boxes will be scanned by our driver. You may then track the location of your documents using our online checking system.

We also offer a scan-on-demand service so you may access your documents within 24-hours over the Internet.

Getting our assistance

For more information on our document storage service for your Runcorn business, call Secure Storage Services today on 0151 293 4000 or contact us through this website.