Document Storage Stockport

Secure Storage Service offers a document storage solution in Stockport. This service is ideal for businesses in Stockport who struggle to find ample space to store their documents 'on site.' Secure Storage Solutions allows you to store all your documents securely, confidentially and affordable.

Saving your time, space and money

Thanks to our scientific document destruction policy, we ensure your documents are not stored for longer than necessary. This means you save money on your document storage bill whilst also ensuring documents are not destroyed too early in the lifecycle.

Types of documents we store

Documents we store at our facility include paper documents, tapes, files and more.

Business and organisations we assist

Our current clients include hospitals, schools, academies, universities, colleges, the police, accountant, solicitors, and accountants. Many of our clients must hold documents for periods set by law.

When you contact Secure Storage Services, an account manager will ensure your document retention and destruction policy is written out and executed in accordance with laws or industry regulations applying to your business.

Document retrieval 

When your documents are stored, all boxes are assigned a unique identification number. Using this identification number, you are able to access your documents within hours using our 'scan on demand' technology. This ensures your documents are easily retrievable as and when needed.

Request more information

For more information on Stockport document storage, contact Secure Storage Services today on 0151 293 4000 or alternatively contact our team through this website.