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Document Scanning Solutions

Over the past few years, multinationals and SMEs alike have chosen to go paperless. Digitalising your documents is beneficial in many ways: having your organisation go digital can not only save you time and money – you also are operating in a much more eco-friendly manner.

Are you looking to move to a digital storage system? At Secure Storage, we are able to help you to help you with a variety of services related to Document Scanning. We have years of experience with Document Scanning Solutions and are able to give you a bespoke package against a competitive price.

Why Document Scanning Solutions?               


On average, an employee spends an hour per week – and in some cases even more – on organising paper documents. For many employees of larger firms, especially in the law sector, that could take even longer due to the fact that law firms have a gigantic backlog of paperwork. Imagine you are able turn that one hour into virtually zero for your employees. Through digitalising your documents, you will be able to organise your documents much quicker and this way your employees could spend more time on matters more important to the business instead.

No-one likes to waste space. Many firms have a whole storage room filled to the brink with documents. By digitally scanning these documents, you can use that space for better purposes. The vacant space could be turned into an office, for example.

Our document scanning solutions allow you to minimise the risks that come with a paper-based document solution. You often hear about lost or misplaced documents that become irretrievable all of a sudden. Digitalising your documents allows you to have a copy saved – and re-print it simply once you lose the document.

How our Document Scanning Solutions Works: 

Once we have agreed to carry out the work and bulk scan your documents, we then proceed to pick up your files and transport these to our documents scanning solutions. What follows is preparing the documents for scanning, and as last we then move on to the actual scanning.

After scanning, we transfer the files into the format of your choice. Our comprehensive archive storage and secure destruction services can ensure the correct procedures are in place following the digital conversion of your documents.

While your records are with us they're placed in our highly secure storage facility and are kept safe until you are able to collect your documents.

For a quote or further information on document scanning services please call now 0151 293 4000 or fill in an enquiry form.

An effective document management solution:

Whether we are scanning images or other large format documents such as building layouts we can provide a digital format on all sized documents to suit your needs.

With cost-effective solutions such as our scan on demand service which lets you pick and choose to scan only your most important documents, you can be rest assured that our service will give you complete satisfaction at an affordable price.

Start to convert your paper to digital files now and save some all-important office space in the process. Secure Storage Solutions are a document storage company registered in England and can fulfil all your needs relating to document management and storage. Find out now why we are the very best document scanning company by calling our experienced team now!