Offsite Document Shredding in Liverpool, Wirral & Cheshire

Secure Storage Solutions LTD offer an Off-Site Document Shredding Service to complement our Document Storage Service. Your Business can arrange for your unwanted documents and other paper stacks to be collected from your premises on a planned basis each week/month.

Alternatively, you can call us on short notice or on an ad hoc basis so you can clear any unexpected backlog of paperwork.


An Offsite Paper Shredding Service You Can Rely On

With Secure Storage Ltd flexibility truly is a cornerstone of our service. Above all,  please be assured our service will be available exactly as and when you require us. If and when you receive an unexpected backlog of paperwork you can be assured our collection vehicles will only be a phone call away.

Shredding Services

  • Expert Paper Shredding
  • Data Shredding
  • Highly Secure Facility
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • Collection Service

We use the latest paper shredding systems and guarantee that none of our paper is restorable. We utilise the latest micro shredding machinery that reduces paperwork into particle-size grains.

In addition, any hardware devices you also need to be destroyed can be put through our data shredder to offer the complete destruction of any trace of information.

We are one of the leading Document Shredding companies in the North West and by getting in touch with our team we can safely shred all your paper documents in bulk.

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Secure and Confidential Document Shredding

Our purpose-built secure vehicle will arrive at your premises in order to collect your personal documents which will be safely transported to our Document Shredding depots in Liverpool or the Wirral.

Our driver will arrive at your premises with security identification in hand. All our drivers are first required to undertake a thorough CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check before their employment commences. Such checks are done so in reference to British Standard BS7858.

Once your paper arrives at our Local Shredding depots, it will be shredded in compliance with British Standard BS 160. Our shredding operations comply with Environmental Agency requirements and also with local and national laws. Likewise, our service will comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 particularly in relation to confidentiality.

Both our Liverpool and Wirral facilities are guarded 24 hours a day by security teams. Furthermore, our facilities are under the watchful eye of our advanced CCTV system. This means your documents and confidential information will not fall into the wrong hands.


Document Recycling

When it comes to recycling, most people think of cans, bottles, and newspapers. But what about documents?

Document recycling is a process where paper products are recycled and reused instead of being sent to a landfill. Recycling paper products helps to save trees, water, and energy. It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions and prevents water and air pollution.

Here at secure storage, we shred old documents and recycle the paper. This not only keeps the paper out of landfills but also reduces the amount of energy needed to produce new paper. In addition, using recycled paper helps conserve trees.

So if you have any old documents lying around, why not recycle them? It's good for the environment and it's good for your wallet too!

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), recycling just one ton of paper can help to save 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, and enough energy to power the average home for six months. Generating new paper from recycling is a lot less energy-intensive than creating new paper. In this day and age with climate risk factors, we always look to recycle documents after shredding and help to cut carbon emissions.


Commercial Document Shredding

Commercial document shredding is an important part of data security for many businesses. Businesses generate a lot of paperwork daily, from invoices and sales reports to customer records and confidential documents.

If this paperwork is not properly disposed of, it can pose a serious security risk and violate privacy laws. This is why it is important to implicate a professional process to dispose of important documents safely.

Not only does shredding documents professionally take out the stress of business, it can also help to save space and reduce clutter in offices.

Secure Storage offers document shredding for businesses of all sizes in the North West to make the process easy for you. We can shred your documents efficiently to help your business function smoothly and quickly.


Industrial Document Shredding

At Secure Storage, we also offer industrial document shredding for large scale businesses which require large amounts of documents to be disposed of. Ensuring safe and offsite document shredding enables your business to operate without the worry of following security laws and safe disposal processes.

Document shredding services such as our offer at Secure Storage make document shredding and privacy easier than ever before.

If you are searching for industrial document shredding services near you, our secure document shredding service can help you today. Call us on 0151 293 4000 to get a quote and learn more about our industrial shredding services.


Data Shredding

Our shredding expertise also extends to data shredding. If you need hard drives or electronic storage systems destroyed we can also shred devices to make data irretrievable.

Often paper documents may be destroyed but traces of data can be left on computers and hardware that can be retrieved. To comprehensively destroy any trace of historical data and information,  we can put these items through our data shred at our secure facility.

After a data shred, you will be provided with certification of destruction as proof the items have been destroyed by a professional paper shredding company.

Many of our clients routinely bring old computers, printers, pen drives, hard drives, laptops and even mobile phones to our data shredder for full piece of mind.

A Modern Solution to Shredding

In this day and age, many people work off-site on laptops and access secure information remotely. When the time comes to destroy these devices care should be taken as to how this is approached.

Simply putting devices in the bin or leaving them in an old storage room in the office can leave you open to increased security risks. What you want to avoid is the possibility of shredding paper documentation only for it to be accessed by a 3rd party on a discarded computer. 


A Solid Paper Trail for Offsite Document Shredding

We can provide a solid paper trail for all of the documents you entrust us with. All documents will be scanned at the point of collection and re-scanned upon entering our Wirral Site Shredding Facility. All services include the provision of waste transfer notes and a Certificate of Destruction which will be issued with your invoice. Where possible, we aim to recycle all materials.


Contact for a Quick Quote

Secure Storages will take care of your confidential data with Offsite Document Shredding Service. For more information on how to get rid of your confidential waste, contact our team today by calling 0151 293 4000 and get a quote. 




How do I prepare my Documents for Shredding?

  You don't need to remove any staples, clips or binders before shredding. Simply place your shredding in a storage box or a strong bin bag and we'll do the rest for you when we collect your shredding from your company's premise..

Is it safe to Shred Documents?

  Document Shredding is the most secure and sustainable way to dispose of documents, paperwork and files. There are different levels of shredder security determined by the size and shape of the shreds they produce.

Why do most people shred documents?

  Like most Businesses, many unwanted and unneeded files start to pile up, these may date back to years ago. Making sure these files don’t start to mix with recent documents and confidential information is important. Not only can you avoid a mix up but it will create more space for storage depending on the amount of file ‘archived’.

What papers should I shred and why?

  Documents such as bank statements, bills or payslips can be destroyed after a year. However, these types of documents are important to keep, especially for businesses as well as personal reasons, in case they are needed as evidence down the line.

What are the pros of paper shredding?

  If, like most businesses, you deal with high levels of paperwork on a daily basis, seeking for a professional shredding service is the most effective option for you. Shredding Documents is a very environmentally friendly process. Approximately 17 trees are saved for every tonne of paper recycled. Staff are also fully trained in the handling, processing and destruction of confidential waste.