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Secure Document Storage and Management Liverpool

Our Flagship facility provides document storage, scanning and shredding in Liverpool.


Secure Storage Services Ltd
133-135 Richmond Row
L3 3BU

For efficient and secure document management in Liverpool or the surrounding area, call Secure Storage Services now on 0151 293 4000 or fill in an enquiry form.

A Safe Place To Secure Documents in Liverpool

Here at our Liverpool facility located just outside the city centre, we have state-of-the-art security systems in place to ensure your document are kept safe. We implement very strict controlled access to our site and only a few authorised personnel are allowed access to our controlled storage areas. 

Our security measures prevent any unauthorized access to documents and we have safeguards in place to protect documents from fire, theft, and natural disasters such as flooding and earthquakes. Documents are stored in a climate-controlled environment to protect them from any damage or deterioration over a long period of time.

We have the latest CCTV and biometric safeguards in place so you can rest assured all your confidential documents are safe.

Secure Document Management

Our document management systems allow us to organise and keep track of documents in real-time. We can digitise your documents and create a system for tracking changes to your documents and any retrieval requests.

Once we have your confidential documents safeguarded at our facility, these records will be available for you to access online so you don't have to worry about paperwork getting lost or damaged in the office.

Electronic retrieval is made super simple by our indexing system so you also do not have to thumb through mountains of paperwork in a filing cabinet to find the resource you need.

Our document management solution ensures your sensitive documents are not lost or misplaced and keeps complete track of all your paperwork. Once you no longer have need of your confidential records we destroy all the paperwork and any digital records at our secure facility.

Why Do I Need Secure Document Storage?

You may have confidential records that by law you are required to keep for a set period of time. Sometimes people have very important documents and they just need a safe place to keep them, like a bank vault or at our document storage facility.

Keeping these documents safe is our number one priority, whilst we understand the management aspect of keeping your documents and ensuring retrieval is a very easy process, the safety and privacy of your documents are paramount.

A Central Location

Our secure facility is located to close to Liverpool City centre where we also operate a document collection service. Your documents will not have far to travel before reaching our facility if your business is located in the city. If you need your documents back at any time, this can also be arranged promptly due to our close proximity.