Document Management for Education

For schools, colleges and universities, keeping sensitive information is essential at all times. Documents must be stored safely and disposed of properly when no longer required. The educational institution is responsible for ensuring that all documents are stored and disposed of in a safe and secure way. Information that falls into the wrong hands could result in vulnerable young people and the staff who look after them being put in danger.

Storing documents on school premises is not always the most secure option and thieves can easily gain access to personal information and abuse it. Additionally, storing documents takes up a lot of physical space that could be used for educational resources. At Secure Storage Services, we can store all of your sensitive information at a safe location with high levels of security. We also provide document scanning so that information can be accessed quickly and efficiently.

Some sensitive information that is in need of secure document storage, scanning and shredding includes:

  • Student records, including home addresses
  • Staff records
  • Student medical records
  • Staff application forms
  • Student reports and assessments
  • Security records and CCTV

At Secure Storage Services, we handle all your document management needs and comply with all the latest legislation to protect the privacy of your students and staff. We take the worry out of information handling so that you can focus on what you do best – education.

For efficient and secure document management for education, call Secure Storage Services now on 0151 293 4000 or fill in an enquiry form.