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Document Management Solutions for HR


Administrative duties within HR

From job applications and offer letters, to monthly reviews and redundancy notifications, those working in HR have significant administrative responsibilities. With that said, substantial time is spent organising, sourcing and protecting those confidential and important documentations.

With greater legislation concerning data protection, and the transition of a strategy focused HR world, the need for document management services are on the up. Additionally, as technology advances and the acceptance of those platforms are implemented internally, greater demand for a secure, efficient approach, offering many benefits is present.

Are you currently attempting to tackle a never-ending trail of documents within your HR department? Is the management of those documents setting your company back from both a time and cost perspective? Or maybe your document management process is inconsistent, causing many issues when considering future retrieval? In order to maintain a positive, productive HR workforce, implementing a robust, digitally driven document management strategy is imperative.

Automation is changing the industry, providing greater availability for HR specialists to apply their knowledge effectively, improving the overall department strategy. See how your HR department could benefit from digitalisation and a complete document management process below.


Benefits of document management

  • Achieving workplace metrics: Whether your goal is to free up office space, or retrieve some valuable time daily, a complete document management strategy can help to implement and achieve your long-term goals.
  • Greater organisation for an efficient retrieval: Retrieval of documents is a consistent responsibility within HR. From updating contracts, to sourcing confidential information, a day doesn’t pass without the obtainment of documentation. By implementing a robust document management strategy, an efficient retrieval approach will be provided. Ensuring that your valuable time is spent on greater HR areas.  
  • Greater protection: Within HR, there is regular use of confidential and personal information. From pay scales to performance reviews, data protection is a duty of care. By following a reliable document management system, greater protection of those important documents will be provided. A digital approach will ensure that those details are secure, reducing the risk of any future data breaches.
  • An automated, effective process: Whether you work in HR or any other departments where significant organisation and admin responsibilities are present, automation will carry many benefits. As we move to a technology focused world, where greater activity can be passed through online platforms, an effective process can be implemented within your document management. Ease daily admin duties with a robust, up to date management process.
  • Greater retention of documents: How often do you misplace an important document? This is easily done when your office is full of paperwork. Improve your paper trial and document retention rate by implementing an effective strategy today.
  • Accreditations: By improving your document management processes, greater accreditation of becoming a green friendly department will hold many benefits for your image. Consider consistent document storage, scanning and shredding solutions to improve your HR reputation.


Secure Storage Services ideal for HR

Whether you’re a large HR department, or a one-man freelance band, here at Secure Storage Services, we have a wide range of document management solutions to motivate the above benefits. Whether you’re looking to achieve an efficient process to reduce your workload, or have the desire to protect your information greater, we are here to support you. Below is a break-down of our services, ideal to improve document management within HR.


Document storage

Offsite document storage solutions are ideal for HR departments looking to improve their filling systems. Providing you with greater office space, and peace of mind that your documents are well organised are just some of key benefits of our service. Like many industries, retaining confidential and employment documents is a must. As an organisation grows, greater documentation will arise. Select document storage solutions to ensure that your company documents are secure, well organised, and ready for future retrieval.


Document scanning

As digital takes over and environmental issues continue to rise, a paperless office is in great demand. Scanning is an effective document management approach allowing for all documentation to be archived digitally, providing a secure, easy to access hub. From maintaining document quality to ensuring data is backed up and secure, this will be a worthwhile investment for any HR department.

Our team here at Secure Storage Services can cater to your needs by offering both a scan on demand or continuous service to benefit your workplace. This cost-effective service can provide easy retrieval, following your company goals and schedules.


Document shredding

Once the value of your documents has diminished and have no use to your HR department, under direction, our confidential shredding service can ensure your details have been securely disposed. Following British Standards and environmental policies, we ensure that our document management solutions follow data protection guidelines, whilst promoting consistent recycling activity.


If your confidential documents no longer carry importance, however are required for future business, we can ensure a digital archive is accessible for you. We understand how important a solid paper trial within HR is, therefore, we listen to your needs within the industry.If you are looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your HR department, consider a complete document management strategy like ours here at Secure Storage Services. We can ensure your documents are safely stored, organised for easy retrieval, digitally archived, and confidentially shredded once given the green light.

We work within many professional industries, providing a secure, specialised document management strategy. Whether you require support in document retention, organisation, safety or sourcing, our team are equipped, alongside our unique storage solutions to support you. We keep data protection a priority, implementing all the latest policies such as GDPR, ensuring your HR department remains professional while offsite.

For further information on how our automated, robust document management processes can aid your HR department today, get in touch with our team on 0151 293 4000. We can provide a realistic quote to cater to your document management needs. Improve your HR strategy and overall activity by moving towards a digitalised, automated world.