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Why Scan your Documents

The next step to a paperless office…

More and more companies are turning to Secure Storage Services for our document scanning service. There are many advantages to converting your documents to a digital format and many businesses can reap the benefits.

Free up space

As the price of rent goes up, the amount of space in the office becomes critical. Document scanning allows for bulky boxes of paper to be removed from the workspace and free up space. This removes the need for costly relocation to larger premises.


Paper documents will degrade over time and the content will begin to fade. Older paper can be more delicate and will rip if not handled carefully. This can render the document useless. Worse still, damaged documents may not be admissible in legal situations. Document scanning allows for the original content to be permanently preserved.

Easy access

Searching for paper documents can be a lengthy process and time is money in the world of business. Having your records available in a digital format allows for efficient retrieval, which can save you time, money and stress.

Loss of data

Over time, there is a risk that paper documents can get misplaced. Often, they will be found elsewhere, sometimes they will not. Records need to be retained to meet legal obligations and loss of data can have serious consequences. Using the document scanning service at Secure Storage Services makes all your data more secure and easier to keep in one place. This will prevent situations where individual documents get misplaced.


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