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Shredding for Data Protection

In the UK, the Data Protection Act gives legal rights to those who have personal information stored about them. Therefore, companies who hold documents and information have a legal responsibility to ensure that confidentiality is upheld at all times, including computer and paper records. This means that no unauthorised personnel may obtain access to personal records, including for marketing or in any way that may cause distress.

What this means for you

As part of the Data Protection Act, you are responsible for ensuring that all your customers’ information is kept safe and secure. Measures that must be taken include keeping information backed up and ensuring that unauthorised access is not possible. The documents also must not be kept for longer than necessary, not indefinitely. Failure to comply can result in criminal charges and an unlimited fine.

When it comes to disposing or shredding of documents, you are responsible for ensuring that all of the information is accounted for and properly destroyed. This includes personal documents, invoices, photocopies and even letterheads. Failure to dispose of documents effectively could result in ID fraud, unwarranted marketing and even unauthorised access to your premises.

Protect your business

At Secure Storage Services, all of our document shredding is done to BS8470 level 4. This ensures that all confidential documents are protected until the point of destruction and that all materials are destroyed within 24 hours of collection. All of our staff are vetted and we use highly secure vehicles to ensure that your documents are in safe hands.

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