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Financial Document Scanning

Businesses that operate in the financial sector have to deal with quite a lot of paperwork on a daily basis in comparison to other sectors. Within the financial sector, analysing documents can be part of your daily routine, and yet retrieving these documents can be quite the effort, especially if paper-based. To add to that, is your office stacked with paperwork to the point that it is taking up valuable space? There is a solution to both problems. Why not give Secure Storage a call to request more information about Financial Document Scanning?  Scan all of your important documents in bulk, and your company will save – both in time and money – a lot in the long term.

Financial Document Scanning: Why Secure Storage?

At Secure Storage, we know how some financial documents can be confidential and certainly not supposed to be available to the public. Scanning your documents instead of keeping paperwork could improve the security of your documents, as there is little chance your documents will be lost or stolen.

When we collect your documents, you can request that we scan every document and make these available as digital versions. Scanned documents digitised are still legally binding documents, and we can safely destroy your paper-based version if requested.

We can also index documents once we have digitised them, so you no longer need to look through complex filing cabinets and shuffle paper around. Everything can be ordered logically in an online filing system, and you can even search for a document through an ID or some other specific piece of information.

We use the latest heavy-duty scanners that can copy thousands of pages quickly, efficiently and in super high detail. Understandably if you have thousands of pieces of paper in the office, you may not fancy scanning every item it could take you days on an ordinary scanner and the cost of ink alone could be very high.

Scan and Destruct

We have very specific protocols in place for destroying documents after scanning for financial sector businesses.  We offer high-security shredding crosscut to a millimetre that is impossible to restore. The facility itself can guarantee safety through the fact that our compound is secured 24/7 and all shredding is completed onsite. Once the destruction of the paperwork is complete, you will also be awarded a certificate to prove the documentation was professionally discarded by our company.

Going Digital:

We touched upon security regarding financial document scanning – however, it is not only for security reasons that financial document scanning can benefit your company. Digitalising your documents will allow you to free up space. Bulky boxes of paper will be removed – and you will be able to convert your storage space into an extra office for example. To add to that, paper deteriorates and will lead to your documents becoming invalid. In finance, many of those documents are legally binding – and your business can lose quite a bit of money if records are not stored safely.

Human error also occurs when you have paperwork stored in the office. It is very easy for a document to be misplaced, lost or even, in the worst cases, stolen. You have legal obligation to hold records for a specific amount of time, depending on the document type and placing them in a secure storage facility is not only good for you, but for your customer's peace of mind also.

On average, office workers spend multiple hours per week looking for lost or misplaced documents. Those hours can be very valuable in furthering the business. Those hours of looking for a document are a clear waste if you can digitally store your documents -  where it only takes a few seconds in order to locate an important document.

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Our financial document scanning is fast, effective and thorough. No matter the size of your business or the document quantity that needs scanning, we are here to help. Get in touch, and we can advise you on exactly what we can do for you. You can call our Liverpool Office on 0151 293 4000. Alternatively, contact us by filling in the contact form here.