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Document Scanning and Management in Manchester

Are you a Manchester-based company, turning over significant capacities of data and paperwork? Do you need a way to scan and mange all your important historical recorords?

Whether you’re a small company or a large, fast-paced organisation, it’s likely that you will experience a consistent influx of documents; whether that’s employment contracts, customer records, or legal files.  

Although virtual worlds have been tapped into and are highly utilised for saving and sharing documents, tangible documents and their footprints are still found as favourable options, down to their reliability. However, how easy can it be to manage your documents, with organisation and safety in mind?  

If this is the case, ask yourself, how safe, efficient and effective is your current document management system? Do you in fact have a document management system that you utilise? Are you organised, where you’ll have the ability to easily find a certain document, while also maintaining high-security levels?  

If so, it’s likely that you’ll have an in-house team, increasing your outgoings. If you’re without an in-house team, there’s a high chance that you’ll be struggling to maintain a document management system, boasting the above assets. In both of these cases, it, therefore, sounds like you’ll benefit from document management in Manchester, on offer here at Secure Storage Solutions.   

Here’s what you expect from our document management service, including the advantages you can encounter as a company by turning your tangible documents into a secure virtual archive.  

Document Management in Manchester  

Do you have draws, filing cabinets or rooms dedicated to business-related documentsIf so, please do not be embarrassed, as admin tasks are usually left to the backburner while running a business. There’s a high chance that the majority of companies will have some form of throw-away arealike this, to close the door on their documents.  

However, having a dedicated, reliable and organised home for your documents will in fact benefit your business productivity, your discretion as a company and your ability to keep organised. We can scan your documents and make them accessible digitally 24 hours per day. 


  • A Local Service

We can collect your documents in Manchester and then scan at our secure storage facility. We will safely transit your documents and make them accessible in any form requested at any time, total ease of access is guaranteed.  

  • Convenience 

Through document management in Manchester, you can experience the convenience of document management which will ultimately make life easier for you, to store, to organise and to find important data.  


  • Save time and money 

Through our service of document management, we’ve helped companies save significantly by avoiding a self-storage alternative, all under your own responsibility. From a time, perspective, a continuously organised and monitored management system can help you retrieve documents with ease, without hours of searching high and low for a single piece of paper.  


  • Feel reassured that your documents are safe and accurate 

The majority of business-related documents will be confidential. Through our document management system, you can feel reassured that your documents are safe, and as a company, you can experience full discretion. 

We also adhere to the Data Protection Act, ensuring that all information, found within your stored documents is accurate, to protect your clients and customers.  


  • Greater organisation levels 

Who doesn’t like to feel organised, especially when considering admin related tasks? Organising your documents will in fact feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, allowing greater time and effort to focus on alternative areas of business.  


  • Personal plans for management and retrieval 

Personal plans are on offer through document management in Manchester, ensuring that your system works for your company, all depending on your retrieval needs, and your confidential requirements.  


The Process of Document Management 

Document management, as a system is split into three key areas, all of which are very important to organise documents.  


  • Storing documents 

Here’s where your documents can be stored safely, through a specific system, following your needs as a company. For example, key metrics, ideal for each company will be highlighted, which will be used as a benchmark when storing documents.  

For example, if you’re hoping to keep a timeline of documents, all within certain key areas of business, this is doable, helping to provide easier retrieval.  

We also follow GDPR guidelines and individual retention policies throughout document storing systems, ensuring that all data is authorised and accessible.  


  • Managing documents 

Document management is the process of managing your influx of documents. Whether that’s keeping them organised, sorting through documents in light of your retention policy, retrieving documents or working to a new metric, document management will ensure that your data is easy to digest and access.  

However, the aim is to ensure that accessibility is only available to you as a company. With this in mind, significant safeguarding will be in place to ensure that the management of documents can be completed seamlessly.  

Within our document management system, you can also opt for a virtual archive, all depending on your personal preferences. Virtual storage and management can increase the efficiency of retrieval and tracking. However, we can also offer secure document storage on a physical basis.  


  • Tracking documents  

Through a physical document storage system, tracking is available, down to the level of organisation that we offer. With this in mind, if you’re in need of a document, with a quick turnaround, this is achievable through our tracking system. 

If you’re utilising a virtual document management system, again this can be completed efficiently, with the reassurance that your documents are backed up through vast risk management systems.  

As a company, you can experience the above by investing in document management in Manchester. All document management solutions and systems can be worked around your needs, your industry and your long-term plans of data management/retrieval.  


Tailored Retention Timelines and Management Processes Here at Secure Storage Services 

One key benefit of our document management system here at Secure Storage Services is that we provide tailored retention timelines. Understandablyan influx of documents will continue on a consistent basis. Over timewithout a document management system, you could be left with years upon years of unnecessary data.  

To help you keep on top of necessary data, along with the following GDPR guidelines, we can secure a retention timeline for you, which will also utilise our reliable and confidential document shredding service.  

Please be reassured that we always follow tailored retention timelines and will not shred your documents without authorisation. This will also be the case when providing access to your document system.  

At Secure Storage Solutions, we understand how important a safely stored and managed document system is. Through experience, we understand that data will continue to drive our companies yet also stands as a physical obstacle. 

Through document management in Manchester, you can easily overcome that obstacle, with the knowledge that your documents are organised, are manageable, are retrievable, are up to date, are accurate and are disposed of when the time’s right.