Business Document Storage

Do you need to store hard copies of business documents? Even if you’ve ‘gone paperless’, it’s unlikely you have completely migrated away from paper documents. It’s also likely that you are legally required to archive business documents for an extended period of time. Such requirements may be onerous for most businesses who occupy a relatively small amount of office space. In a short period of time, your office becomes crowded and disorganised due to mounting paper documents.

This is where Secure Storage Services is able to assist. In the North West of England, we store business documents for thousands of businesses and public authorities. This business document storage service gives you access to affordable off-site storage and allows you to abide by industry laws and regulations without cluttering up your primary place of business.

At Secure Storage Services, documents are stored in a purpose-built facility. The conditions we maintain are ideally suited for long-term storage of paper documents. The vast majority of documents we store are destroyed according to a pre-determined retention policy, but if you need to access documents before this date has passed, you may be assured your documents will be presented to you in a timely and in perfect condition.

About our current clients

Many of our clients operate in the legal and financial sector. This includes accountants, financial advisors, solicitors, and barristers. We also maintain storage contracts with many public sector organisations such as councils, schools, and hospitals. We store a plethora of business documents ranging from legal proceeds, personnel files and financial documents of all varieties.

All documents we maintained are stored according to our strict indexation policy. This allows for quick retrieval if the need for document retrieval arises. All document boxes are scanned and barcoded. We also offer a ‘scan on demand’ service for almost instantaneous retrieval of your business documents.

Document safety

At Secure Storage Service, document safety is our number one priority. Our premises is covered by a state-of-the-art CCTV system. The building is also highly resistant to flooding and fire. We have also invested in the best possible fire and burglar alarms available on the market today. Staff members are CRB checked.

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