Document Management for the Legal Sector

Legal institutions are bound by law to protect the personal information of their subjects and must operate strict privacy regulations. Loss of information could compromise the client, damage your reputation and have legal and financial consequences. Under the Data Protection Act, legal organisations have a responsibility to store and destroy documents in a safe and secure manner.

In court cases, information that was not stored or disposed of correctly could fall into the wrong hands. This can include evidence or personal information. This will compromise the confidentiality of the client and could result in the outcome of the case being influenced.

Here at Secure Storage Services, we provide a complete data management solution for legal organisations. Our document storage service allows for the safe storage of clients' documents, with ease of access and protection against intruders and fire. All of our staff are vetted and we do not outsource labour.

Once your information is due to be disposed, our document shredding service can destroy your documents to the necessary standard to protect them from fraud and lost information.


Scanning and Storing Legal Documents

Scanning documents is another key offer we provide at Secure Storage Services. Legal document scanning enables you to access important documents easily and securely with our help.

If you are searching for a reputable storage service to hold your important legal documents, we offer affordable storage solutions to businesses.

We offer a legal document storage service across legal firms throughout the North West.

For efficient and secure document management for any sector, call Secure Storage Services now on 0151 293 4000 or fill in our enquiry form.