Document Storage in Bolton

Welcome to Secure Storage Services document storage services in Bolton, Greater Manchester. Here, we shall teach you all about our offerings in the area. Based on this information, you may choose to contact our sales team to receive a full and free quote for all your document storage needs on 0151 293 4000 or submit an enquiry through this website.

An overview of our services in Bolton

Our document storage services in Bolton ensures your documents are kept secure, safe, completely accessible and compliant. We employ cutting-edge technology, proven methods and industry leading procedures. We also have the experience to put our customers in control of their information that we store on their behalf within minutes.

Our storage facility is over 25 metres high. Here, we hold around 100,000 storage boxes. Thanks to our investment in high-tech storage technology, we are able to recall the exact location of each document we store on our customers' behalf.

Document storage options we provide in Bolton

There are two main ways you may store your documents with us. Either by file storage or office box storage. By far the most popular form of storage is office box storage. There are around 100,000 offices boxes located in our storage facility and we are able to accommodate your needs too.

Our commitment to speedy retrieval

To access these boxes, our we offer racking access vehicles or 'RAVs'. These RAVs move two metres per second horizontally and one metre per second vertically.

Using these RAVs means Secure Storage Services is able to locate and retrieve your valuable information quickly and safely.

How your documents are retrieved

All boxes are tagged with a yellow tag known as a RFID. This stands for 'Radio Frequency Identification.' If you wish to map the location of 100,000 boxes by hand, it would take you up to two years. But with our RFID technology, we are able map the location of these boxes in under two weeks. And this gives us the ability to locate your documents in just minutes.

Our investment in security

Employee access is restricted to only the areas they need. In addition, all employees must pass a background check and undergo rigorous training. Ever single year, we conduct thousands of hours of safety training. We are serious about safety and security.

Our storage facility is monitored 24/7. This is not only about security, but also temperature changes too. We have invested in a VESDA early smoke detection system that continuously samples the air quality and alerts us to the existence of any possible smoke particles. This ensures your documents are not at risk of being damaged by fire.

Our facility is monitored by 24/7 CCTV cameras. These cameras cover all external and all internal entry points into and out of our storage facility. We are also committed to efficiency and safety. Our facility also benefits from a water suppression system and sprinklers.

This all reinforces our commitment to protecting your securely stored documents in Bolton.

Our investment in expertise

We also employ a team of experienced data entry operators who specialise in a number of skills such as data retrieval, special processing activities, data entry and file room management. Our staff also work with you off-site at your facility to plan and execute complex document storage projects on your behalf. 

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To partner with Secure Storage Services for secure, safe, completely accessible and compliant document management solutions in Bolton, contact our sales team today on 0151 293 4000 or submit an enquiry through this website.