Record Storage Services

Secure Storage Ltd offers North West of England businesses an inexpensive solution when it comes to your document and record storage needs. All you need to do is pack up your documents and arrange to have one of our vehicles arrive at your premises in order to collect them. You can access your stored records as and when you want to.

Our record storage service means your documents will be securely stored at our purpose-built Wirral depot until required. Why allow important records to collect dust and occupy equally valuable space when you can store archived records at our secure facilities?

Safe storage for all types of records

The service we provide is suitable for all manner of records such as:

  • Government related records
  • Historical records
  • School/college/university records
  • Church records
  • Club records
  • Charity records
  • Sports records
  • Electoral records
  • Medical records (including dental records)
  • Legal records such as court documents
  • Library records
  • Local authority records
  • Private company records
  • Scientific records
  • Financial records
  • Prison records

Our record storage service is suitable for records stored in the following formats:

  • Paper records
  • CD records
  • Disk drive records
  • DVD and video records

Our vehicles can arrange to collect document boxes which will be safely and securely transported to our Wirral-based storage facility. No matter how many document boxes are in your possession, you can be assured our vehicles can collect all boxes in just one trip.


Get speedy access to stored documents

Our service also includes a state-of-the-art filing, indexing and tracking system. This system will save countless wasted hours when you need to locate otherwise hard-to-find documents. Using our indexing system will mean otherwise hard-to-find documents can be located in just minutes rather than hours or even days. Make painfully long document hunting expeditions a thing of the past!


Leave document box storage to the experts!

Document boxes are the perfect solution for storing your documents, but as most growing businesses soon discover, at one point or another your premises are simply not designed to cope as a storage facility.

Neither is your premises likely to have in place the correct climate or security needed to store your document boxes. Professionals such as doctors, solicitors and accountants are all bound by law to store client records and documents for many years after the client relationship has been concluded. The need for professional and reliable document box storage facilities becomes apparent very quickly.


Don’t risk breaking Health & Safety and Data Protection laws

Why risk your staff and visitors' safety when you choose to store hefty document boxes at your premises which likely means you are breaching health and safety legislation? Refuse to put your business or organisation at unnecessary risk by choosing to safely store away your records at our secure, purpose-built storage facility.

Secure facilities you can rely on

Our facility is guarded 24 hours a day and 7 days a week by a team of experienced and CRB-checked security guards. Likewise, our state-of-the-art CCTV system ensures your documentation does not fall into the wrong hands. Our facility is purpose-built for document storage and your document boxes will be kept in a dust-free environment at a constant temperature of 21°C.

Call today 0151 293 4000 for a quote

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