Records Management Services

Secure Storage Services provide 'offsite' records management services in Wirral and Liverpool. Many of the region's businesses and public organisations trust our state-of-the-art climate controlled storage facility when it comes to storing important documents and records. Our customers include schools, colleges, SMEs, solicitors, and accountants, amongst others.

Many of our clients are required by law to enforce a strict document retention policy. Thankfully, when you choose Secure Storage Services you are assured the standard of records management we offer is far and above any legal standard, you must abide by.

We believe our customers' records form an important constituent of their overall history. Many of these documents we store are important for historical, accounting and legal purposes. However, circumstances may change that now require you to access stored documents without undue delay. For this reason, our records management service in Wirral and Liverpool includes a complementary and highly affordable scan on demand provision. This ensures your documents are accessible within hours rather than days.

Protecting important documents for a rainy day

We now live in an age of litigation and contention. For this reason, the truth is that you really don't know when archived documents will be required. And it's essential you can store important documents in a location you know they'll be safe and sound for the unforeseeable future.

It's likely your current premises is not the ideal location to implement a records management system that abides by your professional rules and regulations. Many small businesses in Liverpool and Wirral simply do not have access to enough room to store their ever-growing body of documentation and records. Further, it's unlikely your staff are adequately qualified to implement a sound and scientific system of document storage. Devising a records management system without professional assistance is likely to hinder the document retrieval process when events warranting their retrieval occur.

If you relate to the above scenario, then it's highly likely that you will benefit from our highly affordable document storage and records management service.

The benefits of our records management services

When you choose Secure Storage Services for all of your records management needs, you receive the below benefits:

  • Purpose-built document storage facility that provides the perfect environment for document preservation
  • Secure facility ensuring your documents do not fall into the wrong hands
  • A scalable and highly scientific document management system. This is built upon sound document management indexing and categorising principles developed over the last fifty years. This ensures your documents are not lost and easily retrievable when the need arises
  • Additional storage space in your business premises since all of your documents are transferred to our offsite facility for archiving

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