Top 9 Reasons Why Offsite Document Storage Can Be Useful for Your Business Back

Top 9 Reasons Why Offsite Document Storage Can Be Useful for Your Business

In this day and age, it seems like it’s possible to store everything imaginable online. Your music, photographs, and documents can all be stored in cloud spaces. When it comes to official documentation though, it gets a little trickier. For all that we’re trying to cut down on paper usage, for some businesses it can be a legal requirement to have a paper copy of a document available.

So what then for companies that have to store hundreds of thousands of documents? With the cost of rent for office space continuing to increase throughout the United Kingdom, how can any company find enough space to store all of the documents they handle? Well, they do so with offsite document storage.

At Secure Storage Services, we provide a reliable solution for storing your documents and store millions of documents at our secure storage facility. We also provide you with a secure archive and management system. When you need access to a document, we can find it fast. If you’re still in two minds about the efficiency of our secure document storage, then keep reading to find out how offsite document storage might be the answer to your office problems. These are the top reasons to consider a change in approach.


1. Making More Space

The first and most obvious reason to look at storing your documents off-site is the amount of space that you’ll save. Think of all the space you’ll recover by storing your huge quantities of documents with us. You’ll have new room to run your business and can create new opportunities instead of killing space with paper files. You might be surprised to discover the amount of space you actually had the whole time. 


2. Fast Access

You may think that by using offsite document and record storage, you’ll lose your quick access to documents. Contrary to popular belief, we can actually help you locate and access your documents quicker than you may be able to in your own office. Be honest with us – do you know where every important document is stored? Do you have a rigorous document management system? If not, you could save precious time with our document solution service.


3. Managing Your Archives

Quick access to your documents leads us nicely to the next advantage: archive management. How often do you store old documents away, knowing that they’ll one day be needed? They quickly make their way to the bottom of large piles and become very difficult to locate. Specific files are easy to find and archived documents are efficiently stored within our systems.


4. Document Security

One of the most important reasons to consider storing your documents offsite is security. We’re not suggesting that your office space is vulnerable to attack, but you’ll sleep easier knowing that your documents are stored in our secure, remote locations. Our sites are under constant supervision and are regularly patrolled. This also greatly reduces your chances of suffering from accidental damage. Tears, spills and other accidental incidents are minimised when you use offsite document storage. It is why many businesses with highly sensitive data consider external paperwork storage facilities.


5. Work Efficiency

How much time do you think you and your team spend sorting through documents? Even worse, how much time do you think you spend searching for misplaced, lost and poorly stored files? By using our document storage services, you won’t have to spend time worrying about paper files. Your staff can spend their time on actual work, and you’ll see a huge boost to productivity in the office.


6. Saved Time

With every business, little changes can have a big impact. This is especially true when it comes to record storage. If every member of your team was able to spend just one or two extra hours a week working instead of looking for documents, how much time would you save in a month? In a year? Time is precious and it can be spent more wisely.


7. Professionalism

Your business is likely to become much more professional when your files are stored strategically. If you have an important meeting coming up, simply contact our storage facility and you’ll have the exact documents you’re looking for in no time at all. There’s nothing less professional than running around looking for documents last-minute. What would a potential client think if you’re unable to locate important files in front of them?


8. Sensitive Documents

Another issue with document storage is official sensitive documentation. Certain levels of clearance are required to view certain documents. Most of the time, you aren’t able to store these documents electronically either. Instead of worrying about those documents falling into the wrong hands, let us archive your confidential document and you won’t have to worry about its safety.


9. The Legal Implications

Some businesses hold on to incredible amounts of physical information because there is a legal requirement that they do. That same law can become an Achilles heel if you’re not careful. As part of the data protection act, you are only allowed to store client information in a certain way, and for a certain period of time. Overstep that period, and you could be facing significant fines. Store your documents with us instead, and we’ll know when to shred files you no longer need.


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Offices can be stressful and disorganised. Make your life and the lives of your colleagues easier by choosing offsite document storage with Secure Storage Services. We’ve already given you plenty of reason to make the change, and we’ll be with you during that transition to make it as straightforward as possible. We offer scan on demand and all the assistance you could need with specific files during your move.

Fill in our contact form to speak with our team today and learn more about our document management system and secure archive storage. Alternatively, give the team a call on 0151 293 4000 to start the document storage move. Every time you find yourself looking for another lost or hidden document is precious company time being wasted. Our unique storage solution will help you and your team get that time back.