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Will & Deed Storage

Secure Storage Services maintains state-of-the-art storage facilities in Liverpool and the Wirral. We offer fireproof and ultra-secure storage capabilities ideal for storing wills and deeds. We're the first choice for solicitors, DIY will writers and even banks when it comes to storing wills and deeds in the Liverpool and Wirral area. Our services mean your will is stored safely until needed. Your will is free from the risk of destruction or fraudulent tampering.

Will storage for Solicitors and other Legal Practitioners

If you are a law firm and if a will is destroyed in your care you could face possible negligence claims from beneficiaries under the will. Be sure you comply with your professional code of conduct by choosing Secure Storage Services as your will storage provider.

For DIY will writers

Our service is ideal for 'DIY' will writers. If you have written your own will then you likely require peace of mind the will is kept secure until your passing.

Our service makes sure your dying wishes are honoured. Your executor receives your will in the event of your death. Your executor will then be free to distribute to your estate according to your wishes as testator of the will.

We provide a secure and fireproof environment where you can store your will for many years to come. If your will is damaged your estate may be distributed in ways you did not wish for. This is because in the absence of a will your executors are bound to distribute your will under rules of intestacy.

Details of our will & deed storage service

All wills and deeds we store are fully backed up electronically. Our secure facility means your will or deeds are safe from falling into the wrong hands. If you require access we can provide your stored will or deed within hours.

A deed storage service you can rely on

As an important legal document, house deeds require special attention when it comes to their storage. You require deeds when you come to sell or re-mortgage your property. If you bought your property via a mortgage your lender may require possession of 'title deeds' until the mortgage is repaid. Once you repay your mortgage you regain possession of your deeds.

If you have recently gained possession over deeds you are advised to store those deeds where it is safe to do so. You are advised not under any circumstances to store your property's deeds in your home. Your deeds are put at risk of destruction by fire or flooding. Burglary is also a risk. If deeds are lost, destroyed or stolen you are required to apply to the Land Registry in order to prove ownership of your property. This process is lengthy, costly and stressful. Lost or destroyed deeds could also delay an insurance claim should your property succumb to fire.

Secure Storage Services maintains a deed storage facility in Liverpool and on the Wirral. Your deeds are stored in a fireproof, highly secure and temperature controlled facility.

Our service is ideal for those looking for reliable and competitively priced deed storage facilities. Our deed storage service is ideal for:

  • Homeowners
  • Solicitors who hold clients' deeds
  • Banks and other lending bodies

Once deeds arrive at our facility they are barcoded and scanned. This speeds up retrieval should you require access to deeds.

Contact Secure Storage Services today

Call today for a quote. We offer will and deed storage for as little as £20 per annum. Bulk discounts are available for banks or solicitors. Call today on 0151 293 4000 for more information. Alternatively, complete the enquiry form.