Wirral Based School

Wirral Based School Storage Challenge

The Challenge which this school faced

A Wirral based school approach Secure Storage Services Ltd following a change in law which required some records to be held for up to 60 years! The school has a lack of space to comply with this new law. And records were stored in very inaccessible loft spacing.

Secure Storage Services Ltd’s solution

The school approached Secure Storage Services Ltd seeking a solution to the above problems. We quickly went about implementing the below list of solutions:

  • Uplift and packing of records from both sites
  • Indexation of records
  • Scheduled weekly delivery/collection of requested files
  • Emergency delivery provided when circumstances arise
  • Also implementation of scan-on-demand service for service and warranty records as required by service department - no downtime for staff
  • Space given back to school to cater better for students
  • Peace of mind due to the worry from the change in retention policy
  • Additional shredding service implemented to keep them in line with Data Protection Act