Liverpool Based Solicitors

Liverpool Based Solicitors Storage Challenge

The Challenge which this law firm faced

This client was using a shipping container on an industrial park to store confidential legal files. This container offered no security against confidential documents falling into the wrong hands. Solicitors and other legal staff where required to travel out of the office to retrieve the files - instead of working!

Furthermore this ‘system’ offered no retention or destruction policy – which meant the law firm was keeping files for longer than required.

Secure Storage Services Ltd’s solution

Secure Storage Services Ltd transferred this law firm’s confidential legal files from the shipping container to our highly secure and temperature controlled storage facility in Prenton, Wirral.

We were able to provide the law firm the below benefits:

  • Secure free uplift from site - file retrieval available even during the transfer Audit on archives
  • Re-boxing, cataloguing and indexing files if required
  • Retention / destruction policy implemented
  • Staff access audited and policy applied
  • Files/boxes delivered to customer desk - staff can get on with their work
  • Next day / emergency 4-hour delivery and scan-on-demand retrievals
  • Archive movements in and out tracked