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Document Scanning for Healthcare Providers

The NHS, under the government’s vision, is seeking to upgrade the level of service in this country. At the centre of this is the digitisation of medical documents through document scanning. The NHS has stated that “digital systems are the foundation upon which we will build a modern, efficient and responsive health service.” Healthcare providers are forging ahead to ease the burden on hospitals and GPs, creating a system where information can flow seamlessly and access to important documents is much easier and quicker in an industry where time is often of the essence.

At Secure Storage Services, we offer Medical Document Scanning as a service – capable of retrieving, safe scanning and archiving sensitive medical records. We are the number one company in the North West and capable of meeting all your needs from scanning documents to offsite record storage.

Our list of clients includes hospitals, GP practices, dentists and pharmacists – all now able to access comprehensive records in seconds rather than days. 


The Benefits of Medical Document Scanning

The obvious first benefit of medical document scanning is that you will be complying with the government’s goal of the NHS becoming paperless.

Making use of digital documents ensures that the data on them will always be preserved. It’s a fact of life that paper documents degrade over time – the ink begins to fade, the paper rips and soon everything on it becomes unreadable. Medical records especially can be kept and remain relevant for decades – so the documents need to stay in good condition.

Retrieving digital documents is also more efficient as you don’t need to search endless filing cabinets for the right file – using up time that could be better served dealing with patients. Increased medical document scanning will save you money, time, and a lot of headaches down the line. Other benefits include the freeing up of space if you choose to store documents offsite and that chance of losing data is all but wiped out.

While some may fear the digital revolution – finding a more reliable and cost-effective method of document storage is the best path for medical records. 


How Medical Record Scanning Works

Scanning documents is a thorough process that we employ to ensure that every step is performed securely and without error. When it comes to medical document scanning this is very important as we are aware we may be holding confidential patient information and NHS forms.

First, we will collect the selected documents from where they are being held. This collection is done by our vetted security staff and transported in secure vans to guarantee your documents are protected. Once at our facility we prep the documents for scanning – removing paperclips and anything stuck to the paper. To make the paper scanning more efficient we straighten all the documents.

After all this prep is completed, the documents are scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This means that data can be pulled from documents without human involvement – cutting out the chance of data loss due to human error. The documents are then checked to make sure they reach the standard you expect from our service. We then transfer the documents onto your chosen method of digital storage before being delivered back to you.

Once the process is finished it is up to you what is done with the paper documents. Our storage facility provides a secure place for them, promising high-quality document and paperwork storage. We can also return the documents to you as securely as we collected them. 


Medical Document Scanning Options

We at Secure Storage Services have expertise in all forms of document scanning that will be perfect for healthcare providers looking to digitise their paper documents. 


Scan on Demand 

This option is like a pay as you go service. We will scan all your requested paper documents, then when you request a particular one, we will convert it on demand. This is a cost-saving solution as it avoids you paying to scan all the documents that you may never need. 


Bulk Scanning 

Bulk scanning means scanning all your paper documents at once. This is a costly option but will cut down on retrieval time. If you are looking to digitise everything at speed, then this might be the way to go as we can deal with a high volume of documents. 


Onsite Scanning 

This option involves bringing the scanning operation to your site. This is appropriate when the documents needing to be scanned contain highly sensitive data and you are unsure about them leaving the current location. If you can afford it then onsite scanning may be the way as you can be present for the entire scanning process. We bring state-of-the-art scanning equipment to you and can scan over 200 pages per minute. 


Types of Medical Records We Scan

We have a lot of experience in medical document scanning, providing our services for many healthcare providers. Due to our expertise and resources, we can scan all types of medical forms no matter the format, size or quality. 

The types of medical records we can scan includes: 

  • Dental records 
  • A&E reports 
  • Microfiche & microfilm records 
  • X-Rays 
  • Medical notes 
  • GP records 


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Stepping into the future of medical record-keeping has never been easier. Secure Storage Services provides document storage, scanning and secure shredding services nationwide – not only for the health sector but financial services, legal services and other industries. With us, you can safely and securely digitise your documents and create a more streamlined way of operating.

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