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The Benefits of Off-Site Storage

Keeping your records in the office can cause a lot of clutter and can leave confidential information vulnerable to leaks. It can also leave your documents at risk of damage by any potential natural disasters such as fires or floods.  

Off-site storage is a great way to free up space in the office and allows you to keep all of your documents together in a safe and secure environment.  


What Is Off-Site Storage? 

Off-site storage refers to a document and data storage facility that is located somewhere other than your office.  

Off-site storage can refer to physically storing your files and documents at an off-site location, or keeping a backup of data copies at an off-site location just in case the primary on-site document source goes down or becomes unavailable at a time of need.  


The Main Benefits of Off-Site Storage 

There are several benefits to choosing to use an off-site storage facility. Below is a list of the main benefits: 


Efficiently Retrieve Important Documents 

Keeping your records on-site can get very messy and can often lead to disorganisation and confusion when it comes to retrieving files. You might find yourself spending hours out of a day to find a particularly important document. This can reduce productivity and cause a lot of irritation.   

When you choose to store your documents at an off-site location, every box of files will be accurately labelled, categorised and marked. This means that, when you need a particular document fast, it can be tracked down easily and efficiently.  


Increase the Space Within the Office 

Keeping countless boxes in the office can lead to a lot of clutter. This can make the office appear dark and cluttered which can result in reduced productivity.

Moving your documents to an off-site location can free up space in the office, making it a much more aesthetically pleasing space to work in. It will also give you much more room to work and get things done.  


Protection of Secure and Confidential Information  

When you store your documents in the office, it can be hard to keep track of exactly where everything is. This can put any confidential or secure information in your files at risk of theft.  

Off-site storage facilities have the benefit of 24-hour surveillance and security systems that ensure your documents remain safe at all times and no unauthorised people can view them.     

There is also the potential risk of natural disasters at any time. An accidental fire or flood could destroy important and irreplaceable documents. Keeping your documents in an off-site storage facility will keep them as safe as they possibly can be. Your documents will be protected with climate controls and fire-resistant security.  



When your documents are stored off-site, it frees up a lot of space in the office which can be utilised for extra staff without having to pay extra costs for a bigger office space.  

Instead of paying employees to manage your files and retrieve documents, and off-site storage facility will handle all of your document management, allowing you to focus all of your energy on your business.  


What Impacts Can Poor Document Storage Have on a Business? 

There are a number of negative impacts that can occur due to poor document management. Below is a list of things that can happen when your documents are managed poorly: 


You Could Be Fined 

Failing to keep certain information confidential can lead to some hefty fines for your business. You could be fined hundreds of thousands of dollars if your documents are stored correctly or if they happen to get into the wrong hands.  


Your Business Reputation Could Be Compromised 

Losing documents or allowing confidential files to leak can affect your business’s ability to continue trading. It’s incredibly important to create a plan to avoid this and your best option is to look into secure off-site data storage.  


Your Business Could Suffer from Negative PR and Press 

A data leak is seen as an extremely negative thing and can look really bad on your company. This sort of event can result in a lot of bad PR and press coverage which can ultimately result in you losing a lot of business.  


It Can Look Very Unprofessional 

If people come to visit your office and see lots of documents lying around, this can look extremely unprofessional and may even prevent certain clients from wanting to work with you. Keeping your files out of the office can make your space seem much more tidy and professional.  


What Are the Disadvantages of On-Site Storage? 

Storing your documents and files on site comes with a number of risks and disadvantages that you may not be aware of. Below is a list of the main disadvantages of storing your files and documents on-site:  

  • You and your employees will be held accountable for maintaining the control and security of all of the documents and files. This can become more and more difficult as your business grows.  
  • On-site storage is not as secure as hiring a professional company to manage your files off-site.  
  • You may end up spending more on hiring staff to manage your files than if you were to choose to store them at an off-site facility.  
  • Large amounts of documents and files can take up a huge amount of space in your office. This can make your office look cluttered, unprofessional, and can create a negative work environment. 
  • Keeping your data and files on site can expose them to potential GDPR issues as it’s more likely that unauthorised employees can gain access to files that should be kept confidential.  


Final Thoughts 

Keeping your files and documents off-site is very sensible as it keeps everything safe and secure. As your business grows, your files and documents can really start to pile up. You should consider moving your file storage off-site before they become too difficult to manage.