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Document Storage vs Document Scanning

For many businesses, office space is at a premium. For instance, companies that work in finance and law use a lot of office space just for documents. Getting rid of your physical storage room can be beneficial for the business.

The question is, what is the viable alternative for your business? Many companies prefer to move their documents to a secure storage location, both digitally and physically. However, in recent years, the modern option tends to be document scanning rather than storage. In this blog, we compare both options so you can make an informed decision on what fits your business best.

Document Storage:

Document Storage has been a solid option for many years now. On average, people who work with documents can spend more than half an hour a day looking for a specific file. This is too much; having your documents stored in a dedicated facility can remove the time spent searching, however, once you need a document it can take time to physically receive it.

According to legislation requirements, you can be legally required to keep documents over a long period of time. Many of those documents you will not need ever again. Document storage could be handy in that case. These documents are not directly within reach, but are still stored away safely and can be accessed if required.

Document Scanning:

Document Scanning has revolutionised the law industry over the past few years. Storing your documents digitally can be beneficial in many ways; you can not only get rid of the paperwork in the office but you can access your files within minutes. This is done through the bulk scanning process, where thousands of documents can be scanned into a digital format. Once they have been put on to digital storage, you will be able access the documents quickly and easily.

Which Solution is the Best For Me?

Document Storage is often the easier and cheaper option. If you only need to store documents permanently and occasionally retrieve them Document Storage is the best option for you. If you need to retrieve your documents on a regular basis Document Scanning is the best option. Why not call Secure Storage today to consider your options? We are based in Liverpool and the Wirral and provide both document storage and scanning services.