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Scan on Demand

Do you struggle with finding the space to save your constantly increasing stacks of documents, but you aren’t considering going full digital due to the drawn-out implementation process? There is a middle ground for those that would like to have maximum flexibility. Scan on Demand allows you to store your files in a physical document room and allows you to get the requested document scanned and sent to you as a PDF, or in other digital formats, when requested. No more waiting on getting documents through the post, which will not only save you money, but is a lot more environmentally friendly.

What Happens to the Physical Documents After Scan on Demand?

Once you have received the file online, the choice is yours on what to do with the actual file. The file can be disposed of or you could choose for the files to be put back in storage in case you would prefer to have a physical copy as a back-up. However, having the document digitally should be safe enough, and many people decide therefore to destroy the original document. What makes Scan on Demand such a popular choice, is the amount of flexibility there is with these documents. An implementation of a full digital system on the other hand can be a lot less flexible due to the fact scanning all your documents can take quite a bit of time, and may not fit your requirements if you work in an industry where paper-based documents are important.

Scan on Demand: The Perfect Transition

If you currently have your documents stored in a storage room, the scan on demand process could be the perfect transition between a physical storage system and a digital storage system. The files can be scanned one at a time when needed, and before you know it, you could have all your documents stored digitally. This makes scan on demand effectively the process of digitalising your documents over time, without having to abruptly switch to a system that could cause disruption in your workflow.

Going Digital, whether that would be fully or partly through our scan on demand service, can bring a lot of benefits to you and your company. If you would like to know more about what we can offer you at Secure Storage, do not hesitate to call to us today, or use our contact form.