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What is Scan-on-Demand?

In this article, we answer the question ‘what is scan-on-demand’. At Secure Storage Services, scan on demand is a service we offer our customers. Scan-on-demand allows our customers to scan certain documents without the need to scan an entire project in one go.  Thus, scan-on-demand is an alternative to a comprehensive document scanning service. Scan-on-demand offers our clients a level of flexibility that helps them save money and time.

The term ‘scan-on-demand’ is highly descriptive. This means it effectively ‘says what it does on the tin’. When we scan your documents, you may request access to specific documents ‘on demand’. We will send you the requested documents within an agreed time scale.

When you take advantage of ‘scan-on-demand’, we scan your documents you request and then send them to you in electronic format. This format is typically PDF. This means we do not need to transfer physical documents to your premises which is time-consuming, costly and environmentally unfriendly.

Traditional methods of document scanning and retrieval

Traditionally, when you requested access to paper documents for your document storage provider, you would send out a request to retrieve the relevant documents. The document storage provider would then send you these documents through the post. This transfer would typically require around seven days to complete.

Thanks to scan-on-demand, this arduous process is largely made obsolete. Under this archaic process, you would then send documents back to your document storage provider for re-archiving. Since scan-on-demand cuts out the need to physically post requested documents to you, you are not required to return documents when you no longer require their service. You may share, retain or dispose of requested electronic documents as you see fit.

Getting help with scan-on-demand

Scan-on-demand is the perfect option now many businesses are choosing to ‘go paperless’.  If you believe you may benefit from scan-on-demand, get in touch with Secure Storage Services today on 0151 293 4000. Using scan-on-demand, you can gradually digitalise all of your documents step-by-step rather in all one go.  Scan-on-demand is particularly advantageous to large businesses who store many thousands of paper documents.  Many of these companies simply will not have the budget to scan so many documents in one batch. Here, scan-on-demand is the recommended solution.

Secure Storage Services offer a no-obligation and free quote for all our document storage and document scanning services. Contact us today through this website by clicking here. We look forward to assisting you and your business today. 

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