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What Is The Average Price Of Document Scanning?

At Secure Storage, one of our most frequently asked questions is “what is the average price of document scanning?”. Although we understand the importance of obtaining an average price quote, when it comes to document scanning, many factors ultimately ascertain how much document scanning costs.  Considering this, it can be extremely challenging to determine the average price of document scanning.

As you conduct searches to uncover what the average price of document scanning is, this may be somewhat frustrating to hear. After all, you will have set out to uncover how much document scanning will cost you in order to weigh up your options. 

However, as document scanning requirements greatly vary from business to business, there is no one fit for all. Our document scanning services are bespoke and cater to each business’s needs, which means that our prices fluctuate greatly.

Upon asking us, “what is the average price of document scanning?” we will review a number of factors in order to provide you with an accurate document scanning quote. 

Below we have outlined just a few of the factors that we will consider prior to determining the average price of your document scanning needs.


The Type Of Document

Here at Secure Storage, we specialise in scanning medical documents, employee records, financial documents, legal documents and a number of other business-related documents.   

Unbeknown to many, the type of document that needs scanning influences the price of document scanning.

For example, when medical documents are scanned, they must be easy to access. Medical documents often also need to be archived and retained throughout a patient’s lifetime.  

In contrast, employee records often need to be stored in a computerised system to ensure data can be retrieved with ease. Unlike medical documents, employee records only need to be kept for three years.


The Size Of The Document That Needs Scanning

Whether you need to scan a one-page document, a ten-page document or a one-hundred-page document, at Secure Storage, we can cater to your needs.  However, as you may have already guessed, the size of your document will contribute to the overall price of document scanning.


The Number Of Documents That Need To Be Scanned 

In addition to considering the type of document that needs to be scanned and the size of the document, it is important to distinguish how many documents you need to scan in order to offer an accurate price quote.

Though some businesses only need to scan a small number of documents, large corporations, solicitors, and health care providers often have many documents to scan and digitise.

Typically, the greater the number of documents that need scanning, the lower the average unit price for each document.


Whether The Documents Need To Be Prepared Prior To Being Scanned

When paper documents are stored in filing cabinets, they are often stapled and inserted into plastic wallets for convenience.  Though this increases their accessibility, when it comes to document scanning, all pages need to be separated and must be free from any staples, paperclips, fasteners and post-it notes. 

If your documents need to be prepared prior to being scanned, the average price of document scanning will increase.  This is because preparing documents requires more manpower.  However, if your documents have been prepared in advance, the cost of document scanning will be somewhat lower.  


Whether Documents Need Indexing

Indexing documents makes them easier to find and access when data is required.  However, not every business requires document indexing.  

Upon contacting us to discuss your document scanning needs, we will discuss the benefits of document indexing with you.  If you would like your documents to be indexed as they are scanned, we will incorporate this service into your quote.


How Scanned Documents Are Stored  

Storage options greatly differ and are often tailored to the needs of each of our clients.  At Secure Storage, our options include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Cloud storage
  • DVD storage

Cloud storage typically requires a monthly or annual payment, which depends upon the size of the cloud storage required.  Meanwhile, DVD storage has a fixed price.  

If DVD storage is better suited to your needs, the number of DVDs you require will contribute to the price of document scanning. 


Where Documents Are Scanned

While we often scan documents offsite at our headquarters, onsite document scanning is sometimes necessary. 

On-site document scanning is not as affordable as off-site scanning.  However, in the instance that documents cannot leave your site, a member of our team will conduct document scanning from your premises.


The Service You Require

While all of the above factors must be considered before calculating the price of document scanning, here at Secure Storage, we offer a wealth of different scanning services such as scan on-demand, bulk scanning and day-forward scanning.

To offer you greater insight into our scanning services, we have provided a brief overview of each below.

  • Scan On-Demand – Scan on demand is a pay as you go service that sees your documents converted into a digital version for you to access as and when you need them.   
  • Bulk Scanning – Offering you instant access to all of your documents, our bulk scanning service sees all of our paper documents scanned at once.
  • Day-Forward Scanning – Should you take advantage of our day scanning service, we will ask you to select a launch date.  Any documents created on or after your selected launch date will be scanned.  In contrast, documents created before the chosen launch date will not be scanned. 

Each of our document scanning services can be taken advantage of and will provide you with greater control over your document scanning expenditure.


Contact Us For A Bespoke Document Scanning Quote

As highlighted above, there is no one fit for all when it comes to document scanning.  Various factors must be considered, which can, unfortunately, make it difficult to answer the question “what is the average price of document scanning?”. 

However, irrespective of the document or documents that need to be scanned, we are certain that we can assist you.

For a free, no-obligation quote, contact us today by calling 0151 293 4000.