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What Is Cloud Storage & How Does It Work?

As business demands grow, the use of cloud storage platforms, whether that be the public or private cloud is increasing. With greater data to hand, capacity is required to safely place and manipulate this information.

Cloud storage is a remote online hosted platform, offering flexible, scalable resources, ideal for storing information. It provides an intelligent form of storage by implementing virtual IT infrastructures in the form of a data centre. It is further favoured by users for the ability to access stored data from a mobile or external storage device, from anywhere at any given time.

Depending on the type of cloud storage selected, whether that be the public or private cloud, multiple servers and users will have access; taking your company storage and security needs into consideration.

Cloud storage includes the sharing of data from one server, over to multiple data servers, offering availability and high volumes of storage. By sharing with multiple serves, security is in place to ensure recovery is possible if ongoing maintenance is required.

Here at Secure Storage Services, we commonly receive questions regarding our digitalised archive services, following cloud storage functions. Our customers frequently request information of the different types, along with linked benefits. To work out which form of cloud storage will be beneficial for your business needs, see a breakdown of the types of cloud-based storage solutions available below...


Types of Cloud Storage You Can Experience


Personal Cloud Storage

This is heavily used by the public in general to store data. For example, take a mobile phone and its data storage functions. A personal cloud storage system will include the storage of visuals, messages, contacts, and files, all accessible from that one server.

Private Cloud Storage

This form of cloud storage is highly favoured by companies for their ability to control and manipulate data. Private cloud storage offers scalability and flexibility, along with managing security virtually. If you are storing sensitive and confidential data, controlling the network through a private cloud solution may be the best option. However, keep in mind that recovery can be difficult if data is destroyed.

Public Cloud Storage

A public cloud storage system is a further data centre option, however, offers less control and security as manipulation is in the hands of a third-party. There are many data providers out there, managing the network and infrastructure, while offering quality storage services to customers. If limited IT support is present and accessible in-house, relying on the expertise of the public cloud will carry many benefits for your data storage.

Hybrid Cloud Storage

If you are hoping for the security level of a private cloud system, but require the support of third-party public services, hybrid cloud storage solutions will be recommended. Here you have an element of control and accessibility, while experiencing the expert eye of cloud providers. Your data will also be safely stored by replicating data across multiple servers.

If you’re considering the use of cloud storage solutions over physical solutions, get in touch with our team here at Secure Storage Services.


The Benefits Of Archiving Your Data Through Cloud Storage Solutions

Here at Secure Storage Services, we are advocates for utilising cloud storage systems. There are many benefits surrounding digitalising data and important documents, fully supporting our in-house archiving services.

Firstly, by using cloud storage systems, you’ll free up some much-needed space. Physical documents can flood your workspace. Some documents are required for months, even years. By moving these documents online, you will have an organised, well-structured online archive, also promoting easy retrieval.

Secondly, for many business owners, data is confidential. By using cloud storage solutions, security of your confidential information will be advanced. Additionally, you’ll know exactly where those important details are hosted with a strong paper trail. Without organisation, data could be accessed by the wrong hands, putting your company at risk.

Thirdly, cloud storage solutions can reduce costs. You can expect to save up to 40% by utilising archiving services over physical storage options. Physical, highly secure storage solutions can be costly, while taking up your office space.

Finally, archiving data will allow for easy retrieval. We understand how documents are sometimes required urgently. As your data will be stored with organisation in mind, access is efficient, helping to meet your deadlines.

If you believe your office would benefit from utilising cloud storage solutions, get in touch with our team. We will run through the digitalisation of data, along with costs and benefits. Receive a free quote today by reaching out to our team.


Our Services Here at Secure Storage Solutions

Alongside our archiving cloud storage services, we offer further storage solutions, including physical document storing and shredding. Whether you require a stand-alone service, or a fully monitored paper trail, we can cater to your business’s needs. We have over 20-years of experience in the professional archive storage industry, ensuring standard and security is maintained. Our team are highly skilled and qualified to Master’s degree level in document archiving, ensuring the service you receive is current and advanced.

We work across a number of industries, understanding that each have differing requirements. With that said, we will work with you to create your own personal document plan and timeframe, ensuring your details are stored for the correct amount of time.

Alongside storage, we will ensure that secure document destruction is available. Once your documents have surpassed their expiry date, agreed within your contract, our highly secure shredding services will be implemented. Before this step is completed, our team will ensure you have access to an archived cloud version of data.

Whether you require a one-off service or would like to invest in cloud storage solutions for your company, we can support you. Get in touch to find out more information on our services, along with the benefits you can experience when considering your businesses data needs. Start protecting your data today with our specialised team.