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Best Solutions for Home Office Paperwork Storage

Do you have your own home office full of unnecessary clutter? Looking for the best storage solutions to store your all-important paperwork? Depending on the value and volume of your paperwork, home office self-storage facilities can be costly and time consuming to maintain. Additionally, the added risks of securing confidential paperwork at home is one significant reason why services like ours here at Secure Storage Solutions are in demand.

However, if you’re just starting off or have top organisational skills, creating and maintaining your own home office self-storage solution is possible. Whether you are looking to craft your own, or maybe you’re searching for a fully-fledged solution to manage and dispose your paperwork, keep reading. We have some hints and tips on the best solutions ideal to store and record paperwork, whether that be in your home office, or an offshore facility.  

Our home office paperwork storage solutions and tips

Having paperwork lying around can be very overwhelming. As the saying goes ‘clear desk, happy mind’. If you are looking for secure storage solutions ideal to tackle your paperwork flow at your home office, along with any further document maintenance such as scanning and shredding, see our top tips below:

Document storage solutions

From legal documents including wills and insurance policies, to financial accounts, the average business owner has a large volume of paperwork piled high in their office. Some has value, some doesn’t, depending on its context. To keep on top of the large consistent inflow of documentation taking over your home office, regular organisation, disposal and if appropriate, recycling is recommended.

However, for those all-important pieces of paperwork which have value and make the cut, there are many ways you can organise them for easy retrieval. Our top tips for effective storage and efficient retrieval include the use of filing systems, creating clear dividers, splitting your paperwork based on context and date. If you’re a little more creative and a usual filing cabinet doesn’t excite you, try magazine files, notice boards, or even colour coded boxes. There’s plenty of options to declutter your home office while helping you spot paperwork when required. 

Following legislation, is it imperative for businesses to retain certain documents for at least six years. For some industries this period can be even longer. Can you imagine having to store and manage this volume of paperwork from your home office? If you are a larger business and require off-shore support, here at Secure Storage Solutions, we can automate the process for you through our safe, organised document storage solutions.

Our document storage solutions are a favoured option by many blue chip and listed companies for the following benefits: 

  • We provide a secure storing facility, helping to save vital space in your home office.
  • Our retrieval of paperwork is efficient along with the convenience of our digital archive process, providing customers with the ability to request documents without any hassle.
  • We can even protect your data by following your own personalised document retention policy, offering disposal of unneeded paperwork throughout or at the end of your contract.  

If you are looking for a larger scale solution to store your home office paperwork, our highly-secure facility offers this. However, if you’re hoping to tackle this clutter yourself, the key is sorting through your documents and organising into files based on importance and context. Finding a storage system that works for you is recommended to keep your business organised long-term.   

Document scanning

Are you looking to increase space in your home office whilst backing up your data? Have you considered document scanning or the use of a digital archive system? Having paper copies of important and confidential information can sometimes be risky. How much paperwork do you misplace each year due to an overwhelming amount stored? How organised is your physical documentation storage solution? By bringing a paperless office through digitalisation, space, time and money can be saved, along with backing up your important paperwork.

By scanning your paperwork online or by using a memory stick for accessibility purposes, you’re boosting your ability to use/share content instantly. As technology continues to lead the way in business maintenance, including your own digital hub full of important documents will provide on the go access, while creating some much-needed space in your home office.

If you have a large volume of paperwork and require support with digital maintenance and on demand retrieval, our document scanning service can help. Using the latest Canon technology, here at Secure Storage Solutions, we can help you retrieve important details efficiently. If this is new to you, don’t worry. Our processes ensure that quality is maintained with security as priority.

Whatever type of document you have, we can save you time and effort whilst bringing peace of mind that your paperwork is securely stored and organised for easy retrieval. However, if you are the type of person who prefers a pen to paper approach, start with our self-storage solutions above.

Confidential document shredding services

Do you have a lot of paperwork lying around in your home office which now has no use or value? Are you concerned that your confidential information may be at risk? Have you considered using a home shredding service? If you have a small inflow of paperwork, investing in an easy to use shredding system may be the answer.

However, if you do have a large volume of paperwork taking over your home office, tackling this by yourself will be time consuming, eating away at your important daily business schedule. With that said, our flexible shredding service here at Secure Storage Solutions can help to achieve your paper trail goals. Whether you require a planned consistent weekly service, or ad hoc on demand disposal, we can cater to your needs, all just a call away.

If you do require a solid paper trial, here at Secure Storage Solutions we can even ensure that all paperwork has been scanned, and rescanned prior to shredding, ensuring that digital copies are available for your use. If a systematic approach works greater for your business needs, our storage solution services can help!

How we can help you achieve your paperwork storage goals

Here at Secure Storage Solutions, we work across the North West of England, offering our specialised storage solutions for a variety of sectors, including finance, legal and healthcare. Whether you’re looking to move and store paperwork away from your home office, have digital access to those documents or require disposal, here at Secure Storage Services, we can cater to your needs.

Wondering how our service is different to other local storage solution providers? Security is key here. We ensure that your important documentation is only ever organised and accessed by our trusted Secure Storage Solutions personnel, working with you to store and manage your paperwork trail. From initial storage, to document disposal following your own unique document retention policy, our full service can take away the daily paperwork hassle from you.

Get in touch today to find the best solutions for your home office paperwork storage on 0151 293 4000 or contact for a free quote through our enquiry form

Getting organised is key for long-term business success…. So, whether you’re looking for specialist support or hoping to tackle your storage solutions yourself, ensure that consistent maintenance is a priority.