Why Legal Document Scanning is Transforming Law Firms Back

Why Legal Document Scanning is Transforming Law Firms

Going paperless is an option many firms have decided to choose in the last few years. Many different sectors have their document and information storages completely digitalised, yet there are many sectors left that have not fully adapted to the digital era of documentation.  One would expect law-firms to be at the fore-front of the transition.

Law-firms are notorious for needing storage space, due to all the paperwork involved in the legal industry. All the notes, statements and evidence from cases tend to accumulate into a massive pile of paper. The legal sector is certainly a sector to gain a lot from the digital era. However, there is still a lack of document digitalisation involved within the law industry. Times are changing; one town in the Southern state of Texas in the USA is proff of this. The City of Garland, Texas, decided to go digital, and implement a process for the future where all courts of law in the city have a digital platform where documents can be accessed. The results have shown that the process has become clearer and more streamlined in a short period of time.

Before the process of legal document scanning and digitalisation of documents, most people in the sector were reliant on others to transfer documents. Human error will always happen in any profession or sector, but when it comes to the legal sector, losing an important document can be a deciding factor in the outcome of a case. Since the implementation of digital legal document scanning and general digitalisation statistics have proved that these mistakes have been eliminated from courtrooms. Employees of the courts can access documents at all times and the process of requesting these documents, has been streamlined. The processing time of a request is virtually zero. Judges, solicitors, and barristers alike have access to these documents whenever needed, and when there is an attempt to remove the file, the system automatically backs the files up.

The success of this experiment led to all courtrooms in the area using a digital system. Everything from warrants to discoveries are requested digitally, and efficiency has been increased throughout the legal profession.

In the United Kingdom many firms could follow suit. Are you interested in saving a lot of money and time on documentation? Do not hesitate, and call Secure Storage on 0151 293 4000 to find out how we can help you and your company.