Advantages of Outsourcing Your Document Storage Back

Advantages of Outsourcing Your Document Storage

In this blog post, we discuss the various advantages that can be had when you choose to outsource your document storage. We also discuss some of the disadvantages that arise when you choose to store documents on-site.

Over the past decades, it’s largely become the norm for businesses to store documents offsite via a third party document storage company. This includes both paper and digital document storage. In this post, we argue offsite document storage is highly advantageous for many small-to-medium sized businesses in the United Kingdom.

Relieving the pressures of rapid business growth

At Secure Storage Services, we believe it’s beneficial to consider outsourcing documents storage before your business begins to grow. Expecting your employees to implement an effective document storage policy is difficult at the best of times. However, as your business grows, so will the volume of documents you must store. Associated pressures from this extra workload will be felt by many people in your organisation. You are able to shift this burden entirely by choosing to outsource document storage instead.

As your business begins to grow, so will the volume of transactions. Business growth may also call for the implementation of complex processes. These process may require the generation of thousands of documents that must be retained for various reasons. If the growing document storage burden spurred on by business growth is beginning to bite, we feel it is logical to look for an outsourced document storage solution.

Improving security

An undeniable benefit of outsourcing document storage is that you improve document storage security. The level of security on offer at your own premises is vastly inferior to that offered at a purpose-built document storage facility. At Secure Storage Services, paper documents are secured in a highly secure location. We have invested in CCTV technology and other enhanced security features. This ensures your documents are impervious to those with criminal intentions.

Improved document organisation

When you expect your employees to maintain a document storage system on your behalf, you can only ever expect an amateur job. Your employees are not document storage professionals, and it would be unfair to expect your employees to create a professional and highly consistent document storage system on your behalf. Instead, choose to rely on an outsourced document storage provider who understands the scientific nature of sound document storage.

When you expect your employees to file away important documents, you are likely to struggle with document retrieval. Document storage methods have massively improved over the last few decades. Document storage is now a bona fide profession. Document storage professionals are able to design a document storage plan on your behalf that allows quick retrieval of important documents. We believe it is utterly unrealistic to expect your own employees to compete with this level of service offered by a third party document storage provider such as Secure Storage Services.

Productivity improvements

Choosing to outsource document storage allows your employees to spend more time on core business activities. Removing the need to store paper documents frees up your employees’ time to improve other aspects of your business. This will generally improve your employees’ productivity.

Save money

Outsourcing document storage will also allow you to save money. You will eliminate costs associated with storing documents onsite. These costs you save are generally more significant than the costs of utilising the services of an outsourced document storage provider.

Less risk of damaging important documents

When you store document onsite, your documents are at a greater risk of being damaged or destroyed by fire. Paper is highly flammable, and storing thousands of documents onsite is clearly a fire risk. Eliminate these risks entirely by choosing an outsourced solution. At Secure Storage Service, we have invested in temperature controlled facilities. This environment prevents moisture from damaging your paper documents and also reduces the odds of your documents being destroyed by fire.

Better document retrieval

Quick document retrieval is essential for many reasons. It is highly frustrating when documents are not easily retrieved for all those involved. An inability to access documents in a timely fashion is known for delaying important business decisions. Not being able to access key documents will also hurt your image in the eyes of customers, regulators and other third parties.

When you choose to outsource document storage, document retrieval is never a problem. Why? Because document storage professionals are able to implement advanced document storage solutions that allow for speedy document retrieval.

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